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11-09-2002, 01:10 AM
as many of you know the 370x has been totaled.

Thanks to my friend Joe (owner of 10 dirtbikes and 3 new quads at age of 16)

my 370x is being reincarnated: new frame,new triple tree, all new nuts and bolts, engine mounts, axle,hubs ect
sandblasted, powdercoated, and clear coated. rear spring,frame,axle, gas tank, shock reservoir,engine(still black), and some minor parts

Joe is my ebay man, he has got me every part off ebay i requested suprisingly.

i am now gently scraping the top layer off my rear fenders to make them a shiny white again, i am debating on clear coating them, i plan on getting new fenders soon but i would like the existing ones to look good too.
i bought a new exhaust DG RCM Krome

and guess what else, I custom welded and mounted my own HONDA86 style dual exhausts using 2 DG RCM's

i have yet to hook it up, but once i get my axle in i will put it on and start it up

i got 370X decals too!

frame is a dark red swing arm is a medium high gloss blue engine is still black but had varous engine components chromed, and valve covers a medium high gloss blue
both DG RCM's are the Krome type

fork boots will be bought tomorrow,along with brake pads and clutch cable

im shooting for black plastics, despite the fact i like white better, even with mudflaps it gets way too dirty

tachometer i will not replace any time soon because although its cool it can be annoying

everything i bought i paid for out of my own pocket. The accident ( as far as i know) has been claimed " even"

im guessing this because there is no police report and the guys insurance co. never called

11-09-2002, 09:09 AM
thats great to hear Eric i was wondering what you've been up to hadn't heard from you in a while. i'm glad you decided to rebuild it. hope to see somepics soon. do you have any of it after the accident? a before and after shot would be great.

11-09-2002, 01:42 PM
i got some digital camera photo's of it all twisted up but its my friends camera and he has yet to download them onto the computer,

i kinda left the site for a while feeling leftout without a trike, i was going to buy a 200s but even then it still wouldnt feel right, then my friend joe said """ Hey, Eric, theres a 85' 350x frame and a 85' 350x axle on ebay, you got money???""" and i said hell yes!!! my hopes were renewed

luckily i had lots of money lol

im on my way to getting a triple tree off ebay but i dont know if my friend joe bid on it so i will have to see

i got the certificate of origin for the frame, its in the MINT, no marks scuffs or bends or rewelds at all, frame had 1 owner
i just have to get it transferred

i will try to bring the trike upstairs and get a pic of it with the webcam,

only thing not on it is the axle ( yet to arrive) rear caliper,front end, gas tank, exhaust.carb. and plastics

11-09-2002, 04:27 PM
sorry i dont know how to work the webcam all that well due to the 30 some settings. The pictures are pretty crappy but i took them anyways, i had to carry the whole thing up from the basement on my own!! :twisted:
but i hope you can get an idea of how its going :-D

11-09-2002, 04:29 PM
that didnt work damnit! :twisted: :twisted: :smokin

ATC crazy
11-09-2002, 07:52 PM
Good luck trying to figure out the webcam. I am looking forward to seeing pics of it. My brother had a '86 372X and it was awsome. After about a year though, he took the engine out and put it into a '89 250r frame and what a difference. You dont have to worry about flipping over on the dirt roads at top speed in the state-land. And surprizingly, it will out run a 2002 banshee. Hope you get yours running :-D