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05-10-2010, 03:38 PM
Hey guys,
I found this site when I was trying to diagnose my 'new' 3wheelers and found some awesome advise. I own a Honda 1983 185s and a Honda 1982 200.

I'm not sure if this the right section for this question but I'm having problems with them. Other than throwing out my back each time I pull start it ( electric start kits are on the way) , I can't seem to keep them idling. I can get it started but to keep it running I have to give it a little throttle but they wont stay running. It sounds pretty rough when its running as well. I've tried changing the oil and spark plugs with new ones, and I've tried adjusting the idle speed screw but I cant quite get them to run like they should.
I was wondering if any of the vets on here had some advice for me or if I should just take them in to the local bike shop for a tune up. I'm pretty mechanically inclined so the work isn't the problem, Its just knowing what to do :)

Thanks in advance and I'm stoked to have found this community


05-10-2010, 08:28 PM
Welcome to 3ww.

Sounds like the carbs need to be cleaned.

05-10-2010, 10:39 PM
Ok, sounds good. I just received my Haynes manual so I'll be able to clean them no prob. I just ordered the rebuild kits too, should get them soon.

Thanks a lot for the advice!
and thanks for the welcome!