View Full Version : A Triker at Heart

11-14-2002, 12:43 AM
We took the DX to the shop for repairs the other day. The shop owner later called and asked, "Who in the hell put this contraption in the airbox?" referring to my electric forced-induction fan. My grandad explained that I did it for more power, and the shop owner said we wouldn't need it anymore because he had overhauled the carb. I assumed it meant he was gonna take it out and I didn't care much since I have my 175 to play with now... Well I guess he must have tried it out for himself before he took it out. When I got it back he had rewired it and done a better job than I had, tuned the carb for it, looks like he rejetted it too, put a new petcock on it, and did all kinds of little things that we didn't ask for and he didn't charge us for them either. I guess he liked it. ;)

SO here's a plug for his shop. Land's Cycles, I-10E exit Cedar Bayou