View Full Version : Line Mountian 4 Wheelers trike friendly harerscramble June 11-12th

05-10-2011, 08:42 PM
Line mountain 4 wheelers is having there 3 1/2 miler harescramble type race on June 11-12th. They have a seperate trike class that runs with the quads and dirtbikes. We will run in the mourning before the 4x4 trucks and dune buggies race. Sunday they ussually have dirt drags and a short obstacle course races also

It's located near Dornsife PA and you can show up friday and camp all weekend. There web site for info is www.lm4w.org or the have a facebook page also.

I'll be there racing all 3 events they have with my 85atc250r so lets get some people together and show up so i'm npot wooping on some quads by myself.

Pm me if you have any questions i have raced this for years. They have one in July and September also.