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07-06-2011, 12:00 PM
Another awesome year guys and gals! Only a few tumbles in the final turn and no serious injuries. Congrats to all the winners and thanks to everyone who participated. Big thanks to all the flaggers who pitched in and stood out in the hot sun. Special thanks to Nick (Yourlossmygain) for scoring the motos again this year.

2011 TrikeFest MX Results

Open Expert (A)
1. NitroKaw Carl Wickersham Tecate
2. Shadd_27 Shadd Spencer 250R
3. ZMPolaristech Jon McKane TriZ

Advanced (B)
1. Shadd_27 Shadd Spencer 250R
2. 85250R313 Jim Nemacheck 250R
3. Eric250R Eric Banks TT450

2-stroke Novice (C)
1. Lee350X Lee Smither 250R
2. Scott Connor TriZ
3. Little Ricky Eric Smither 250R

Big Slam
1. Kintore Josh Ball TT450
2. ATCTim Tim Keister TT450
3. Snake Jake Keister Taurus 650

4-Stroke Open
1. Derrick Adams 350X
2. Kiser Kyle Kiser 350X
3. Crazy70Man Andy Stollar 350X

Mid Size Suspended
1. XRider Matt Roby 200X
2. Shock Wheeler Cody Shockey 200X
3. UPTed Ted Johnson 200X

Hard Tail
1. Andrew Yarborough 200S

1. UPTed Ted Johnson 125M
2. Bashoor330 Kurt Bashoor ATC110
3. Sanchez Tim Blask Yamaha 125

Ladies Trike
1. PrittyinPink Amanda McKane TriZ
2. Pink Honda Shelly Keister TT250EX
3. Kelly Kappa ATC110

1. Rray62 Rob Ray “Chickenhawk” 250R
2. 85250R313 Jim Nemacheck 250R
3. Bad Larry Larry Ball 265R

Tri-Z 250
07-06-2011, 12:34 PM
I love how everyone's got a nickname...Crazy70, nice to see that 350X made the track with a solid finish. I think we should call him Catch'em Carl...dang that kid is fast!! oldschool