View Full Version : New England/Middle Atlantic States people interested in racing 3 Wheeler MX

09-07-2011, 07:48 AM
People are currently working with an organization (NEATV) that does a series in several NE and Mid Atlantic States, and need help and input in selecting which locations from potential racers. States include:

New York
New Jersey
New Hampshire

I am not directly involved in the organization of this series, and am only bringing the announcement. Contact the event organizers with questions and suggestions.


Tri-Z 250
09-13-2011, 11:09 AM
This is a HUGE step in the comeback to payback racing in the 3wheeler world. YOU EASTCOASTERS need to pay close attention to this opportunity to run the same tracks as the PRO Quads. If the frist year is just a novelty look at Vintage ATV racing. This is the right step in sponcership to the priviteer 3wheeler rider. So you've dreamed of exposier and getting your mug in the magizines. This is it....get to the gate! Your support is needed to generate the wave of interest to others in the fog of unknown. Just the idea of of 2or3 races in their series to start the spark would be a serious boost to paving the way. Aftermarket mfg's are there at the races...you show good speed and attidude, shake the right hand...you never know. A box of product might showup on your doorstep. Sure thats a long way away but it takes 2-3 good showings of riders to fill the gate and impress the crowd. Although the series is mostly East...PA should be close enough to me that I'd make arrangments to lock that race into my program. I'm into keeping the fire sparked here...I've heard lots of; OHIO is too far, wish I could race, you guys are so luckey. Time to step-up and ban together and get that ball rolling. This is a posiblity to showcase your Vintage Trike and those skills you've been keeping to the trails. Ohio's CRA points series is just one venue...Just imagine you'll be in an enviorment deep in exposier and your the focuse of every mfg and rider in the nation. LUCKEY...Ohio? This is your luckeyday Eastern rider. The time is now to make your mark in history and be apart of the comeback.

12-15-2011, 06:11 PM
NEATV has released the date for their first round on April 14th at Walden MX in Marlboro NY

If there is enough interest Bill will speak to them about having trikes. He does not want to set a date if there is no interest so please let him know at:

He does not have access to this forum.