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12-03-2002, 12:13 AM
dont know the year yet. It is COMPLETE. All plastic is there and only minor damage. Tires hold air, and fronts are original, rear are trail pro's (yuck). Stock exhaust. looks like someone has been in the cases, but not the top end... not sure. Motor is stuck as hell. I filled the cylinder with PB blaster, most of it came out the pipe. back brakes work, front- no pressure. Shocks NOT BLOWN. Seat is tore up, no big. I hope I can get the jug off in the next couple days, and find the bottom end in good shape, we will see. Im on my way to Clearwater, FL for business. anyone near there, PM me, we will have a couple beers. for those who dont know , its a 230 quadsport, orange one, so Im assuming 85-87?? pics will be posted of its hopeful ressurection.

12-03-2002, 09:55 PM
jug is off, rusted stuck, came out pretty easy. these dumb studs that stick up really get in the way, I dont want to have to pull the engine to get it together! I need a new jug. see classified section!

Tri Moto
12-04-2002, 12:52 AM
I know Ive seen a couple of them there while looking for parts for my girlfriends 230.
Is yours the quadsport or the quadrunner?
My girlfriends is the quadrunner and its a fun lil quad. Im sure you wont be disappointed.
Its perfect for inexperienced riders (the auto-clutch version anyhow) because its impossible to stall. I can slam it in 5th gear and itll take off (SLOWLY, very slowly) as long as its not on a grade.
And im guessing you wont put more than 2 tanks of fuel through it a month because its so light on gas.
My recommended mod is the Supertrapp exhaust system. I picked one up for hers for $150 (thats Canadian too, like $0.35 US!!) It sure woke the lil 230 up.

Anyways congrats on your purchase you wont regret it.