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11-28-2016, 05:58 PM
I really want to get up to Trikefest 2017... the only problem is if I come, I will only be able to come for Thursday and have to leave Friday morning.... so, my question is this.... is it worth it to come just for the 1 day? Also.... does anybody egt there earlier than Thursday? My buddy and I were talking about coming maybe Tuesday and riding Haspin Acres Tuesday and Wednesday in addition to Thursday

Queef Chief
11-28-2016, 06:06 PM
Yes and yes.
People start showing up Sunday before.
One day at Trikefest is much better than no days.

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11-28-2016, 06:06 PM
oh, and when I say "is it worth it" i know it would be amazing, but, I would be driving 7 hours.... but if people start showing up a week ahead.... that sounds like its going to be what we do!

11-28-2016, 06:36 PM
Atleast you'll get the feel for the people and that to me is the kicker of TF. Even if you cant make it to the festivities ln the weekend, 2 or 3 days with these guys is pretty good.
First year i went, it was muddy, few events because of rain, but those 2 days in sucky weather but with good people, made me come back for more time.
Get your butt to Haspin and enjoy.

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11-30-2016, 09:41 AM
I think a few people showed up the Friday before TF this year. On Monday I know there was over 50 people there when I got there.

I go for the people, the riding and other activities is the icing on the cake

11-30-2016, 07:53 PM
Sweet.... I just need now to decide how early to com up....

11-30-2016, 09:41 PM
The real days (Friday and Saturday) are about when I realize it's almost over.

I've always tried to be there the Sunday night before; If I can go that is....

12-02-2016, 01:46 PM
I asked Fabio about this and he said that TF is definitely about the comradery of the people that go and not so much about the riding ! I was thinking how cool it would be for you guys to do the Imperial Invasion (i know too far!) where the riding will blow the drawers off your arse and den party like a rock star .........and den get up and do it again ....Amen ! But see now there anal Mo-fos that don`t even promote the ride on this site cause they`re butt hurt about something ! .....

^^^^ Not sure why you would say that. With one exception, all the mods and admins on this site have been to Invasion. Multiple times for most.

There is always a thread on this site too. Not only that, but you are the last one to post in it??!!

Anyway, the riding always blows my drawers off, but my rock star status is currently pending.
I feel like I met you briefly at the 2011 Invasion. We should definitely get a thread going for 2017 soon.

12-02-2016, 08:07 PM
Yeah i want to thank you for the heads up on. org and i`m not trying to test anyone thats why i did`nt start a thread on it cause it`s not my place ! I`m working on a few who have not been (sand virgins) the veterans always get a kick out of them. I know you and atctim have the plans set and the dune bikes have been waiting (tims bike is awesome) yeah lets pick up the chatter so these guys on the fence can get worked up about it ! ....live to ride ..ride to live !

Without exaggeration, this is the first post of Glamy's that I have been able to completely understand everything he said. Keep up the good work G man

12-02-2016, 08:34 PM
Without exaggeration, this is the first post of Glamy's that I have been able to completely understand everything he said. Keep up the good work G man
Most of the time he's being facetious and quoting song lyrics. Once i figured that out it was much easier to decipher the Great Glamy....plus in our super-secret conspiratorial behind-the-scenes-inner-circle correspondence, he seems quite normal.

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01-07-2017, 01:19 PM
Hey Fellas... Couple quick questions...Is Trikefest 2017 confirmed for June 14-18? I have never been. Myself and a friend are looking to make the trip from PA and Jersey this year. We need to request time off from work so we are looking to confirm dates. Thanks.

01-07-2017, 01:50 PM
Nooo! Where did you get those dates? It is June 22-23-24, 2017.

01-08-2017, 12:42 PM
Nooo! Where did you get those dates? It is June 22-23-24, 2017.

I thought it was Father's Day weekend. Thank goodness I checked. Thank you.