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06-09-2021, 09:18 AM
Awards for Trikefest.

Farthest Distance Traveled
Farthest Distance Driven
King of the Hill
Best OEM trike
Best Custom Build
Best Modified trike
MVP Award
Rookie of the Year

These are awards normally picked by the audience at the time the trophies are given out Saturday evening. So keep an eye on picks for these while you are out and about.

Also, thoughts on award/s for the barrel racing that normally happens in the evenings during Trikefest. While not an official event it is a time honored thing that happens every year during Trikefest. Awards for barrel racing would be Barrel racer best of show with maybe an age group cutoff for 12 and under, teen then adult.

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06-09-2021, 12:46 PM
Rookie of the Year and MVP awards were an idea I came up with several years ago.
Looking back, I don't think either was a great idea for a variety of reasons.
Personally I would cut both of those out of the program.
That just my opinion though.