View Full Version : KLT200 odd spark issue.

03-24-2022, 09:37 PM
I recently picked up a KLT200 ATC. I believe my issue is inside the cdi box, if I turn the key on and off it will spark. If I crank on the engine it will spark as expected. As soon as I stop cranking the spark goes consistently until key is turned off. Acts like it's on the rev limiter. The cdi also gets very hot while it does this. When it's not firing the plug or under normal cranking the cdi does not get hot. Does anyone have the internal schematics for the cdi unit? I have replaced all capacitors inside the cdi box. Which changed my issue to a constant spark after cranking for 5 seconds then stops. Cdi still get very warm when this happens but does cool down after it stops going crazy. Any help or info will be appreciated.
Thank you!

big specht
03-25-2022, 05:37 AM
Damn that is a screwed up issue. The only thing I can say is donít have a battery charger hooked up and running why diagnosing this issue that will screw with it. Iíve had spark issue on bike while having charger on it trying to charge a low battery and once just putting a good battery on it with jumper cables issue was gone. Just adding my .02