View Full Version : 1985 250 sx shifting issues

05-29-2022, 05:44 PM
Hey this is chainsawmike, sorry for the caps lock for those that get annoyed by that i had a bad brain injury last year that affected my sight so this helps me see..
1985 honda 250 sx
this has kind of happened to me before and my bike mechanic fixed it no problem but hes mot around anymore..
I think my bike is stuck in first and reverse i say this bcuz about 2 or three times the last couple days i went to shift to neutral
but i was in first gear and went through the reverse actions with it in first and now im having shifting issues it is lockedin first.
Anyone know what to look for ? And i think the shift lever spring mighta broke bcuz i have to manually bring the shifter back to center each time..any advice will help ..... Thanks

05-30-2022, 07:04 AM
Tons of threads on here about 250es /sx shifting issues .
Just pull the left side engine cover and see what’s broken or possibly just loose .
Very common problem .