View Full Version : 250r stator & wiring harness

09-12-2022, 09:35 PM
I purchase a running 86 250r atc without a wiring harness. The stator wires run to what looks like a cr250r ignition control (KZ3V), which then feeds the ignition coil and kill switch. I want to get the lights working so I just purchased an oem 86 harness with a coil and control. My issue is hooking up the existing stator wires to the oem harness. I would have to cut the 4 wires coming out of the stator and add plugs, however determining which wires go with each plug is puzzling. Am I better off replacing the stator too? And, if I do replace the stator an oem one is a bit pricey. Ebay sells aftermarket stators for $45.00. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.