View Full Version : 1983 Suzuki alt 125

11-24-2022, 12:11 PM
Picked up off facebook for $200 in the dark.

Plastics cracked to all hell, wasn't running due to the recoil pull rope being snapped.

Took it home, 2 of 3 tires hold air. Carb leaks like a sieve. Two small engine repair shops wouldnt fix the recoil pull housing but 5 minutes on youtube and that was corrected. New spark plug, 2 plus quarts of 10w40 and she fires up and runs first pull.

Seat Cover $30
Spark Plug $3
10w40x2 $15
Handlebar Cover $16
2 Gallons of Gas $ 6 :)

Still needs air box lid and filter, headlamp bulb, rear light bulb, various hex head bolts everywhere, new plastics or fiberglass rebuild, three new tires, carb gasket. Any suggestions? This is my first atv, / small engine/ fixer upper.


big specht
11-25-2022, 09:35 AM
It’s amazing the frt fender isn’t broke.

ATC King
11-25-2022, 09:33 PM
Nice score. Those are hard to find.

Suggestions would be to do all the research on parts availability and prices before touching anything else and buy new/NOS OEM parts when you can find them. There is no substitute for OEM to keep the value up.

Another reason is that sometimes you have to sacrifice one part to save another. With some research into the previous suggestion, you should know what parts you can replace and which ones are as rare as hen's teeth.

It looks like the seat foam is salvageable with some minor repair. Save it and buy a quality seat cover, preferably one that matches the OEM style an lettering.

Ditch those trailprotrailprotrailpro. Yes, they're so bad or ubiquitous it's a bit of a joke that got it's own emoticon here. Some basic 2-ply knobbies will have it riding like OEM instead of like a WWI tank with flats.

11-26-2022, 04:24 AM
Awesome. Already grabbed a seat cover and three new tires.