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12-27-2022, 09:38 PM
Hello gents! Great site you guys have. I'm new here from DFW Texas and think I got the bug after not riding a Big Red for 40 years (ago). Have restored Mustangs for years as a hobby and collected 80s sport bikes for a time... just down to a newer Kawasaki ZX14R Ninja at the moment.

I found what I think is a nice 84 Big Red. Original plastics, motor runs nicely with good compression and no smoke, all gears in high low are working as is reverse. Original fuel tank is off but there (leaking at bottom) -plastic tank in place. Tires decent but front doesn't hold air. Grips are very worn...was ridden but is fairly clean and original. Front suspension has some sping left. Brakes work.

When feathering the throttle in first before the trike moves, if I hold the throttle steady lightly and the transmission "wants" to engage but the engine RPMs drop and she sputters. If more aggressive with the throttle in first I don't notice this at all. No slipping in any gear under load.

Is this normal what I'm experiencing with a feathered throttle?

I'll try to post a few pix of the Big Red. If i can, please let me know if you boys notice any red flags. Thanks!

12-31-2022, 05:47 PM
Made an offer and the seller accepted. Will pick up the 84 Big Red this week. Hope to have enough postings so I can share some pictures with you guys and ask some real questions.

12-31-2022, 09:13 PM
Good. You'll have some good times riding it.

12-31-2022, 09:43 PM
Looking forward to lightly restoring it to make it look like new. Use all my former auto restoration tricks!

She is going to be fun.

Question for you. Front tire will not hold air. I've never dealt with such low psi. What typically is an issue is it a bead/seal problem? Do guys run slime? thanks!

01-01-2023, 09:37 PM
It just depends. It can be the tire itself leaking, it can be a bead leak, it can be the valve stem or core leaking. You'll just have to check it all over to see where the leak is. Soapy water is your friend. I have run Slime before. I had good and bad experiences with it. It did work. I also had it work for about two years and then stop working. I've had it plug up a valve stem enough that I had to remove the core in order to put air in the tire. It will also eat up tour rims. For tire sealer, all I use these days is a brand called Amerseal. It's on the expensive side online, but there's a chain of auto parts stores local to me where I can buy a 32oz. bottle for about $12. If your tire's old enough to be leaking air through the tread or sidewall, it's time to replace it anyway. Some tires, Carlisle Trail Pros to be specific, are known to have a reputation for not holding air even when they're in really good shape. Those are also straight out of the 7th or so pit of hell and I make them disappear pretty quickly if I get a trike with them on it.

01-04-2023, 10:45 PM
350, thanks man! Great info.