View Full Version : 85 350x arm on a 86 350 x frame ??

01-01-2023, 11:20 AM
can some one confirm that a 85 swing arm from a 350x will fit on a 86 350 x frame and any disadvantages i will inherit????

big specht
01-01-2023, 10:53 PM
They will fit there is no advantage that I know of

Red Rider
01-02-2023, 12:48 AM
Aren’t rear end components (carrier, axle, brake stay) different from 1985-86, just like on 250Rs?

01-02-2023, 08:28 AM
If using 85 stuff you use all the 85 brake stuff, if using 86 stuff you use al the 86 brake stuff.

01-03-2023, 02:25 PM
i allready have the the 86 rear axle ,i just cant drop 635 bucks on a new swing arm when i just spent a ton on the triples for the crf fork upgrade,if the brake stay is my only issue like mentioned i will go with 85 set up,im sure i can make it work! my only other find would be a rear shock,i have a 84 250r but i have got thatfar as to see the fitment!

01-03-2023, 10:53 PM
Than use 86 stuff and remove the stupid 85 brake link set up and have a pin welded on 85 swinger to convert it to run 86 eccentric brake stay. Run the 86 carrier which just a 300ex carrier. I have a spare new billet one here. I converted an 85 arm to be an 86... next we put 85 250r brake rotor and disk on it. If you can't fabricate Sent to hre to convert...it's very easy. We did mine over there.

01-04-2023, 07:07 AM
here's my 85 350x arm we converted to 86. You guys have talked about it on here longer then it takes to convert.

I used the OEM 86 350x rear brake stay, cut it up and over at HRE one day we modified it to run a YZ426F front dual phenolic piston caliper ($14 shipped) almost same design as TRX250R) and mounted it to the plate. Next I didn't like the big 350X rotor or the 300ex rotor, which both bolt on. I use 85 ATC250R rotor and hub since its the smallest of all rear rotors

(must use 350X brake stay is using 350x rotor and hub)
(must use 300ex brake stay is using 300ex rotor and hub) i have multiples left forsale

You can see 85X arm in bad shape I had, so we fixed it up.
You can see 86X arm in good shape I had, I sold it to fund other stuff.
You can see the threaded on nipple I cut off 85X arm
You can see the brake stay nipple on 86X arm you need

Besides the two gussets up front on the 86X arm nothing is different. Both OEM arms need gussets where I have them placed. If you can't do this send it to HRE who can do it in blink of an eye.

Later after I sold the machine I took that same swing arm and modified it for a warrior 350 rear shock which was a great upgrade on a 300ex.

Long story short is anything can work. I know what all works since I've had everything psychically in my hand from parting hundreds of machines out.

I ended up selling all the OEM 350x stuff off and using new or like new 300ex rear axle, 86 350x / 93-09 300ex LSR dual row carrier (still have one left FS needing new bearings) got all my stuff for free. Guys wanting period correct 350x's wont do this...I wanted new parts I can get easy. It all did the same thing. It road, it works and it was fun. But you need to know how to think at times, have some parts made and read a digital caliper...if you cant do anything of that. Have someone else make some parts for you.

My typing this responce took longer than it takes to cut the 85X brake crap off, turn a new nipple and weld it on in place for the 86 350x or 300ex brake stay. THE carriers are 100% the same 86 X - 93-09 300ex 100%

Topic over with.

The best cheap rear shock upgrade on a 350X is going 300ex. The shock is not sprung as hard (500lbish spring vs 750lbish spring) This is not a bolt on however the upper bolts in place, the lower you need to turn bushings and a sleeve to mount to the lower shock bolt. I had a 350x re-valved and sprung for my weight and it was still a bit over sprung. That's why I used 300ex...plus I had it at the time.

GOSH this was painful to type...i have anxiety now