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01-05-2023, 01:23 PM
Picked up a 1984 act200s over Christmas. Now I really regret selling the 2 84 parts trikes as well as a complete but needed top end 85 200s. I have already needed several little parts that i once had but anyway this one runs and is pretty much all stock. I also picked up a 83 big red and 84 big red (both do not run but are complete). I think I am going to do some mods and restoration to her though but wanted some ideas from the experts.
1.The exhaust is rusted out so want to know which is the best kind to replace it but not be too loud. I assume replace with complete system.
2. Want some new tires. Any ideas on rear spacers, rims and tire sizes? Should i leave front stock? She won't be a racer but will be a play trike for wheelies and oval riding.
3. Shaft seal is leaking. Do i have to take both side covers off to replace? I've done this with my 85 big red when replaced the shaft so it has to be easier than that. (I had a little trouble getting the left side cover on with the neutral switch and now have a small oil leak on right side)

I'm open to any suggestions!


01-05-2023, 08:37 PM
Have you tired to find another stock exhaust? For the wheels, you can put 200X, 300EX, 400EX, etc. hubs on your rear axle. That will give you a 4x110 bolt pattern and a MUCH larger selection of rims, tires, and spacers to choose from. Here's an example of a 185S that I'm building to play in the water with. I put 200X hubs and 3" spacers on the axle. I'm going to be running 250ES rims for bigger, 25" tires. For some reason, I can't upload the picture with the rims and tires on. 270136

ATC King
01-05-2023, 11:01 PM
3. By shaft seal do you mean countershaft seal? If that's it, just remove the sprocket, put a screw (wood) into the seal and pull it out. Maybe two screws 180 degrees apart and wiggle it out. Put some tape over the countershaft to protect the new seal and push the new seal in by hand or use a wood dowel and hammer.

2. There's not much you can do with the front wheel without some custom hub work or a custom wheel. The simplest thing is to find a tire you want in the 8" rim size. For the rear, replacing the stock hubs with something that has a 4-110 pattern will open up a whole new world of choices in wheels and spacers. I wouldn't go too wide on spacers if you ride rough trails or get any air. The stock axles aren't tough enough to prevent bending with the wheels way on out there for hard riding, unless you're a sub 150lb rider. Straight axles with good hub splines aren't easy to come by anymore.

If you want wheelies, make certain the rear brake is in top notch condition, which includes a good cable and brake lever pivot (clean and grease the pivot).

1. There aren't many domestically available aftermarket mufflers that aren't loud to the point of being obnoxious, especially when on a group ride to the rider behind.

Here are a couple mufflers that may be what you're looking for.
https://www.ebay.com/itm/115655974046?hash=item1aeda21c9e%3Ag%3AhDMAAOSwbd1 jrHjI&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAA4HkhW3%2Bxog3Zbc15J5L3j7parIC hXBV3FV930s%2FPNdTAUekwIN%2FuM1rAc54INsiUo%2BAnNCa DOX18LqOOkNo0AYnd9AgisHFDkGs7elDWz2pDQXI92UH71Nwmc rKESjtHHbpkxyMNLr8ST4fiwGNVK%2FjkarlycXu2Zqa23EjNj NgwTiqizeLpT2jviDVocgGNc2OmLR%2FzEnmKBCsHxXGvMnd%2 BOI8r1B9TibpX%2FNo%2F6dZizZhlEfGWcD7HnWP%2B9R5jBaB wDuGk2Bd50l0xf2dGH59wHdR0Km2qy2Wt%2FrX93xQH%7Ctkp% 3ABk9SR677ntCwYQ&LH_ItemCondition=3
https://www.ebay.com/itm/262882753918?hash=item3d35087d7e%3Ag%3Aqc4AAOSwrPF ht3T0&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAA4IwHx51yyghYD2TN4mSqZ5I5HRuMu ClPfu0G3fnkjiN4BYv1laa9zNJl7kjaDRQCNLrF5N43rRx%2FC pzuSphFPsGKvR%2B4lxd5fLCS4JH0K93QAxRhI4iZfh0Uoeu4M GCRfPagyWRjser6qnjkP77cja0lKw5uAVwHucmsK0h%2FsQn7Y mhXlZk7mAnmCroQZnOA4JJI%2B5aqNkkgsyJtdDboix6zfrZgC J%2B5Rp9uh79PnOtoGTDzPbKBPy3LG%2FmZS%2BL6S4nietSzx uBMbJA%2F%2FyffX%2F56Nd8e7li07tpkDotFP0Tr%7Ctkp%3A Bk9SR677ntCwYQ&LH_ItemCondition=3

The only reproduction option, for a full exhaust, I know of is Musket Mufflers in NZ. They are expensive.

01-06-2023, 09:41 AM
Thanks for the input. I would rather have a stock exhaust but the ones i found are not in good shape and still $150 but i may take a chance on one or try an aftermarket slip on, not sure yet. The shaft seal is referred to is for the shifter (spindle,gearshift). Sorry, should have said shifter. I can't seem to figure out which part it is on the diagram from this link:
As for the tires, I like the 200x hub idea with the 4-110 pattern options. This sounds like what I am going for so i will dig into that and keep spacers small if any. I plan on going through the brakes and cables to get everything in good working order again so now i just need to figure out how much i want to spend on my new toy.

01-06-2023, 09:20 PM
As for the shift shaft seal, you're looking at the wrong parts diagram. You want to look in the section named "crankcase". I believe that the seal that you want is #10. Part# 91206-286-013. It's in stock and fits several different machines including some Gold Wings.
On the mufflers, I have almost the exact same one as in the second link provided by ATC King. I'm running it on my 1985 250ES. I'm VERY pleased with it. The sound is barely louder than stock. I have to hear it and the stock muffler on my 250SX one after the other to be able to tell that it's louder. Mine is shaped the same. It has the name of "Exsound" on it, but it was made by Kimpex. I chose it because it's shaped like the one in the link. The Kimpex branded ones all had the turndown (shown to be optional). I thought the the Exsound one looked sportier so I chose it. There's no power gains as far as I can tell because it's just a stock replacement.
I agree with the small wheel spacers or none. Mine is a purpose built machine and will almost exclusively be used in the Platte River in Nebraska. I have some friends who live right next to the river and they ride in it all summer long. The bottom is sandy so that won't put much strain on my axle. I will mostly be riding in first or second gear, moving along at a slow pace.