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ATC crazy
01-05-2003, 01:18 PM
Last weekend my two friends and I went riding around my trails. One was on his brand new Poo-laris Magnum 300 and the other was on my old 250sx and I was on my Foreman 450. It was raining steadily and we were truckin down a trail that was covered in about 2" of water :twisted: I slow down to take the turn onto another trail because the one ahead was blocked by a large downed tree. The 250sx was behind me w/ the Poo-laris behind him. As some of you all know, its hard to drive a 3wheeler in a 4wheelers tracks because the front wheel wants to slide into the ruts in the turns. Well the sx did that and he came to a stop to try to back up and correct this, but my friend on the Poo-laris was going too fast and pile-drived the sx into a nearby tree (about 4' away). :o Nothing happened to the Poo-laris but the tree took a toll on the sx. It snapped the rear-brake lever off, ripped the footpeg off, and bent the rear-brake piviot point back about 90 degrees. Other than that nothing else or anyone else was hurt. My friend checked the price to fix it and it was something like $350 :shock: This weekend he came over to ride and he showed me how he fixed it. He welded the lever back on, bent the piviot point back straight, and welded the footpeg on. It looks like nothing happened to it at all. The welds are all smooth and it seems to work better than stock.

Well, lets just hope that nothing else happent to it ;)

01-05-2003, 04:59 PM
nice :clap

Hope you get it fixed asap.

01-06-2003, 07:58 PM
You welded the footpeg to the frame????or the footpeg back to the footpeg mount? i didnt know you could weld levers back on either..
WHen I ride I make sure I ride far enuff ahead of any big 4x4 machine.When you get rearended its like getting hit by a truck.Sounds like you guys had fun though.