View Full Version : Got to ride a DS650 Baja this past weekend...

01-07-2003, 04:29 PM
Cool quad but In a few words, thats one big -@$$ machine :shock: !
It felt fairly quick but you sure can't throw it around. And no reverse. I couldn't believe that for the money it cost.

At the drag strip, there was this DS, a KFX 400, LT-z400, Cannondale Cannibal, a bunch of 400ex's, an '88 TRX 250R, a couple warriors and a few other polaris atvs, 250 & 300exs and such. No Raptor, Banshee, or Blaster. But a few were running around there as well as a New predator. They never got in a drag that I saw.

It was a pretty long drag strip in a sandy river bed. probably 350-400 yards. The TRX-250R took every race. The R had a Paul Tuner pipe, not sure what other motor mods it might have. Followed right on the heels of the R was the cannondale. Then a toss up for 3rd, 4th, and 5th between the LT-Z, KFX, and DS. Then the 400exs. It was cool to see all these new quads run against the 250r. I just wish one of the Banshees, Raptors, and the predator would have jumped in too while we were there. Yes the R ruled and I'm sure there was some rider abililty figured in on the other quads. I was glad to see the R take top honors.

As for the 86 Tecate, It's time for a top end and major tune-up. :( I hadn't realized the days of monster top end power have left it. first time I've dragged it in quite a while. I should have been running with the 250R, but couldn't even take the KFX and LTZ. They'd get me off the line and I couldn't recover. And I sure wouldn't call the KFX and LTZ400 slow anyway.

oh well, there's always someone faster. And it was awesome to see all these different sport ATVs out on the trails. They are all great ATVs.

01-07-2003, 05:57 PM
The Bajas are a great machine, they ougtha jsut drop the original DS.

Machine never was a favorite of mine, Raptors much much better in my opinion.

01-08-2003, 12:05 AM
Well, here is my opinion on the big Bombardiers. They have a good machine there. They find a way to lose 100lbs, and they will be in top form.

01-08-2003, 09:42 PM
Jeb, don't you have a the really raced out Tecate wit ha 310 kit i think? and raced a 300EX and beat him in 3rd gear???

Those new Predators are awesome, awesome price too. My local dealer told me they run $5,900. They are as fast and faster than a Raptor (stock for stock), or so I'm told by my local dealership, but I believe it too, because they used some guy named Rath to make the machine. He seemed to know what he was talking about, and when an air filter jet kit and a Polaris performance muffler adds 10-13 horse power at the rear wheels prooven by an engine dyno, thats saying a lot. The only thing I wish the machine had was reverse, because it's pretty heavy. But sitting on it, it feels very level, and the seat was pretty nice. The plastics are awesome looking, but the fuel tank seems pretty small. For $5,900 I think Polaris has a lot going for it, I'd buy one of those over the Z-400 or KFX-400 any day for only 800 more.

01-09-2003, 11:43 AM
Hemi, no I don't have a 310 Tecate. You must be thinking of someone else. My KXT is mostly stock. Somethings wrong with it right now but It'll still take a 400ex, much less a 300ex. Dragging a 310 KXT against a 300ex redefines over-kill :-D

The predator I saw this weekend was the second one I've seen. The first one I saw was in the back of truck. I wish the one I saw sunday would have raced. It is a cool quad. But to me the DS650 Baja and the Predator are too big and expensive not to have reverse. I like the KFX. Stock, it's not slow and has gobs of lowend. A great trail machine. It sets a little high and is a little narrow. It's my pick of the littler right now, but I'm partial to Kawasaki. Should I ever get one, first mod I will make is to take the thumb throttle off and throw it as far as I can and put a twist on! :-D