View Full Version : Foreman compared to Foreman S

01-16-2003, 02:03 AM
How much more pep would a Foremen S have over a Foreman?

01-16-2003, 01:18 PM
I take it that you are talking about a 450 Foreman .vs. 400 Foreman. I own a 400 foreman, and it is a 97 model we bought it in 98 with 400 miles on it and now it has 6,500 miles on it and all we have did to it is put tires on it twice, I have Titan 589's on there now so they should last a while. We had a 95 model with probably twice as many miles as this on it. They are the all around best 4X4 you can get as far as reliability goes, and they sit low and are very stable. We still have the original brakes on it. Ok now back to your question, the 450 is quite a bit more powerful as far as throttle response goes, as for low end pulling power if a 400 won't pull it the 450 dam sure won't either. I personally have not seen a 450 with over 2000 miles on it, but they seem to be good bikes to, I just like the 400 over the 450 because of the low center of gravity and overall feel, I also don't like the thoughts of having the lcd dash. Also some of the earlier model 450's had a big problem with the batteries holding a charge. They had a recall on them for this reason. If you plan to buy either of the two bikes you will not be disapointed, they are both very nice reliable 4X4's and have plenty of power,although top speed is lacking and suspension is not the best, but it is a 4X4 atv so you can't expect to much, if the bikes are used for what they were ment for they will serve you well.

ATC crazy
01-16-2003, 07:11 PM
Well, I got a 2002 Foreman 450S for christmas in 2001 and I put 1,986.8 miles on it already. Its awesome. It also has that new 2wd/4wd switch on it which makes a BIG difference in trail riding, and doughnuts. I drove a 400 once and the 450 has a smoother, longer traveling suspension, enough of a power gain to beat a 400 in every gear during a drag. The 450 sits a little higher but has just as much stability as a 400. The LCD dash is great. It has run hours, clock, trip meter, miles, and mph. It has worked flawlessly through many pressure washes. And my battery has never needed a charge. Honda makes the most reliable quads on earth and you wont have a problem with either one. My tires are also BALD and I spin like crazy on my lesser inclined trails when they are wet. I want some Rawhide Grips like the ones on the Sportsman's.

01-17-2003, 12:59 PM
We have a '98 Foreman with over 3500 miles on it. The only problems we've had are bearings. I guess that's due to me riding probably 1000 of those miles in mud, with 26" Vampires(very aggressive mud tire). The suspension feels alot better and gives better ground clearance than on the 400, and the power is just enough to spin these Vampires in 2nd gear while in deep ruts, where an equally equipped 400 won't. Besides that, the LCD is a nice touch too!