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Billy Golightly
01-27-2005, 05:17 PM
After an initial 2 page debate among the moderating team about how this was going to work it was decided this would be totally open. However, we are going to be very diligent in maintaining the mission of this forum. Off topic posts will be moved or deleted without notice to you. This forum is for planning on the 3WW end of Trikefest 2005. Such things as mx and drag race class layouts, trohpy discussions, T-shirt designs and ideas, along with more will be discussed here. If you have a relevant idea, or are willing to help out please feel free to reply. However we ask that take a few moments and think about the contents of your post before you hit the submit button. We want this to run as smoothly as possible with the least amount of clutter from other topics as possible. That is all :beer