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02-11-2005, 08:40 AM
I was thinking that maybe I would get more bids on my stuff if I expanded my shipping to world wide. I'm only shipping to the US right now.

Is there anything special that you have to do when you ship? Do you just use UPS and handle it like any other package? What about the currency exchange. Does Paypal take care of all that?

Let me know your experiences please.

02-11-2005, 09:44 AM
Then only place UPS is competetive outside the US is Canada, and then Im told something about the way cutsosm handles tarriffs, they get hit a lot larder when its shipped UPS than when its shipped by USPS.

On items small enough, (under 4 lbs) to ship as Airmail letter, shipping and shipping time arent bad at all, but once you get into Parcels you are looking at high prices, and 4-6 weeks shipping. You also have to fill out a customs form. I ship internationally, but its a pain, esepcially when I have daily UPS pickup here. You can go to USPS website and get some sample shipping rates to different countries. It also shows special prohibitions in the country you are shipping to. Some items cannot be shipped to some countries.

02-11-2005, 10:06 AM
I have been shipping world wide for a while now. it is not as bad as post people think. Especialy with smaller items. I have alway used the U.S. Postale service. They will beat UPS, Fed Ex, and DHL by a lot. they are much cheaper and a lot easier to deal with.

02-11-2005, 10:54 AM
Yes, By all means ship World Wide. I started out US only and sold a fair amount of stuff for below average prices. I then started shipping Internationally and it has been well worth it. I have sold to at least 15 other Countries since. I have also noticed more return on my investments. This is a direct result of International bidders. The extra bids help boost the final selling price. Guessing I would say I ship about 5-10% of my packages internationally. I use www.usps.com 100% of the time for these packages. The one thing I do add when ever possible is to add insurance to the packages. I started doing this after the post office was able to track one package with the insurance slip. They can't do this to all Countries but this one saved me almost $300. If the item is worth more than $20 and the guy don't request insurance, I still add at it ( Cost $1.30 per $50 worth ). To some people it's a waste of money. To me it's worth every penny.

Paypal & Currencies: Paypal will do all that for you. If someone sends you a m/o then cash it at the post office. I found out they will cash even the "Red" international ones without any problem ( they do here anyway ). Avoid the bank with international m/o's. Why? The banks will charge you $15 or more each to cash them. The post office does it for free, and you can use the money to pay the shipping fee's. One stop shopping!!!


02-11-2005, 07:35 PM
Thank you.

08-26-2005, 05:40 AM
I ship my items worldwide as 99% of my customers are US based and i have no problems at all,also i buy a lot of items from the US and USPS is far better than UPS they are a total rip off,heres my example
10 pound box of Honda Pilot parts from a Honda Dealership UPS to Australia via airmail $240US (that was more than the parts i purchased),the same box with USPS was $56US and was at my door in 7 days !
Expand your customer base go worldwide,there is life outside the good ole US of A.


08-26-2005, 08:23 AM
Man did I just get burned shipping something to Japan... I sold a brand new coleman lantern from the early 50's for $125. They used the shipping calculator provided by ebay and that calculated shipping at $127. Well took it to staples the other day and shipping charges were $215!!! I almost passed out. What a waste. Never again

08-26-2005, 09:21 AM
Please ship world wide guys! :lol: :naughty:

I wonder how much the shipping is for an ATC350X to Sweden ? :wondering

08-26-2005, 09:29 AM
Please ship world wide guys! :lol: :naughty:

I wonder how much the shipping is for an ATC350X to Sweden ? :wondering

I got one for sale here locally. If you buy it we could find out. :lol: I bet it would be more than the cost of the machine though. ;)

08-26-2005, 10:56 AM
I work for a shipping company. so here goes.

Include a " Customs invoice " and declare it as " Gift.. " or " Used ATV parts not for resale " with a declared value of LESS THAN 200 US $ no matter what.

Even if you receive payment for the item via Pay-Pal... lets say 500 $... that's between you and the buyer..... when you ship the thing.. mark it as " Used ATV Parts " and declare it at something like 25 $..

Anything over 200 $ gets Duties added when the buyer receives it.. extra surprise bills suck.

I've purchased alot of stuff from the US and have only gotten a Duties bill once... extra 7 $.. no biggie.

Write the address information CLEARLY on the box itself.. and on the shipping label.. if something happens to the label.. the address is right there. If your handwriting sucks one of the 2 addresses is usually readeble.

Phone numbers are a good thing.. i know alot of people don't like to include phone numbers.. but this shows customs you have nothing to hide.. and can be reached for any reason if they so choose.

hope that helps.

and YES PLEASE SHIP TO CANADA.. i hate finding good auctions on e-bay.. and i'm totally willing to bid and pay a fair price.. but " USA only " burns my ass....

i've made a thread about this before.