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07-19-2006, 09:06 PM
so those of you who own them,do you think it's possible for your 500 to be a everyday rider?i know they are easy on top ends,so i don't think dependabilty is in question.i mean,gearing choices,handling traits,comfort,and mainly power delivery.i have ridden quite a few 500 bikes,but never a trike.i just wonder how the 250r suspinsion acts with the bigger motor.are the 500 motors much heavier?

this will not be a drag bike.i hope to use like a +2-+3 swinger.tame the motor down a touch,or maybe not:mad: ,and ride the wheels of the thing.thanks for any input!!:beer

Louis Mielke
07-19-2006, 10:25 PM
Well I built mine as an all around rider and I'll tell you I love the torque. Obviously at this point my 500 is torn back down for the cosmetic rebuild but I'm also making some other changes to work out some bugs. i'm not sure if you intend on starting with a 250r frame but the 500 cr linkage is very plush in the rear. I'm going to the inverted cart. forks on the front and 20" tires on the the rear for ride handling purposes, 22" on the rear flex way too much and really jepordize the ride. My swingarm is a +4 over a stock 250r arm and its plenty to keep the front end down for normal roll on throttle. Romping on the throttle will still bring the front wheel up like nothing.

I don't think you will deal with the same problem if you start with a trike frame but i'm working on ride hieght, hence the purpose of the 20" rear tires and shorter forks. the 500 engine is much larger than the 250. Kasey would be able to tell you suspension issues on the stock 250r frame with a 500 engine.

As far as gearing, its a totally trailable bike and from some reading I've done if you go with a newer 90s and up motor the power delivery is much more managable. Put a fly wheel weight on there too and you got a horsepower monster that will chug like a freight train.

Thats pretty much what I'm going for, a stump pullin powerhouse that will still hang no prob wide open.

I will say the vibration does wear on you after long riding periods. About 3 laps around the big track at haspin and I was feeling rubber armed and had to slow down for while.Coures I know you're much more conditioned than I am so it may not be an issue for you.

07-20-2006, 12:11 AM
hmmm, on a everyday ride i choose the 250r over the 500 everytime,,,, close ratio trans on the 500 is not as good as the wide ratio of the 250r,,, they handle pretty much the same ,, the weight is almost the same too,, i have a 6 over arm on the 500 and its a little long for the woods ,,,, i never rode the 500 with a arm shorter than 4" so i could not tell you how it handles with a stock arm,, i know with dirt tires the 500 can and will roast them with a quick flick of the wrist,,, (TWIST THROTTLE HERE) i never saw any advantage to the 500 in the woods ,, when you get to the sand DIFFERENT STORY its the 500 all the way,,,,,,,,

07-20-2006, 07:10 PM
cool,so the +4 is still pretty trailable,thats good.the vibration thing does trouble me a bit,but i imagine it's like ridin a tri-z,you just get used to it.

kasey,do you feel there is any need for suspinsion upgrades if i use a 250r frame,and componets?

louis,you and i ride about the same,would you rather have a 250r,or 500r for a daily scooter?

i really have only found the 350x to have 2 negatives,power,and suspinsion.i like to jump,and feel like i will break my 350x doing so.the power is great for most everything,but i really felt it was not enough at haspin,and this past ride at the bumps.i know i can build a big motor,and do some mods to shocks,and forks,but i have always been a 2 stroke guy,and always will be.plus i can't see choppin on this good old bike just so i can beat the shi t out of it.it's too nice for a trail bike.

well thanks for the input guys.

Billy Golightly
07-20-2006, 07:45 PM
I know the later models are alot less peaky then the older ones. Personally I dont think theres anyway you could trail mine even if it was in a stock 250R chassis. There are guys who MX them and say they just lug them around the whole track in 3rd gear and never shift. Maybe if you lowered the compression down 35-40lbs the power would be alot more manageable.

Derrick Adams
07-20-2006, 07:52 PM
Why not just a 310 R for a trail bike. I mean, practically the same power. 6 speed transmission, counter-balanced, great suspension.

I think a 310 w/ a +4 swinger and some Trail Wolfs would take care of anything you want to climb.

07-20-2006, 07:55 PM
well i know the bikes i've ridden were snappy,but it translates into alot of wheel spin on a bike.with 2 more wheels i am sure it's a lot more tractable.wheter this is good or bad,i dunno yet.you need a little spin,and a little grip for climbing hills.thats why i think it will be excellet fot trail ridden/climbing.down on the pipe it will lug,but if it wheelies,slip the clutch and blow the tires loose.plus you get all that power to rip into the bottom of the hill.damn,i want one!!

07-20-2006, 07:56 PM
thats not a bad idea either.but you know wher the 310 would go!!!!


07-20-2006, 07:57 PM
i think my main thing is power.i just love ridden the 500 bikes,and think one would great for trails.maybe not a daily rider,but i want one to play around on.

Louis Mielke
07-20-2006, 08:15 PM
well i gota be honest I only really got to ride mine for about 2 weeks before I tore it back down after trikefest.

I like my 250r but its definatly lacking in the power department, I mean theres so many times I just wish I had more. Well lol, I wish there was more all the time.

My ride time with the 500 was enjoyable, I did take it through the trails at haspin quite a few times and other then the tire flex in the rear it was a good ride. The 22" tires on the back I had were terrible and as soon as I tried to powerslide the the dumb sidewalls just rolled over like dogs. I mean I could break them loose obviously, plenty of power to do that it just wasn't as controlled as I can on the 250 and I mainly attribute that to the sidewall roll.
I think the lowered ride height I'll have with the new forks+ 20"s on the rear will help alot.

I agree with you I think a 500 hill shooter would be perfect. Basically as I've said before, building mine as an all around rider so I can get it to the hills, then shoot for the moon. lol. I would have LOVED to have the 500 at the dump up at speedbumps.

Personally I do like the 310 idea but that would be my daily hop on and go rider. It would probably satisfy my torque needs without wearing me out.

So in conclusion, is there a better solution to a more power everyday rider? Sure...of course....not everyone can say they have a 500 and it is really nice to be top dog everywhere other than the drag strip. I've already stated I have no asspirations of claiming the drag trophy.The CR suspension is sweet and the vibration isn't THAT bad. Should you do it? If you really want to YES! lol. Doesn't hurt to have an ace in the quiver for those pesky quads who think they're hot stuff.

07-20-2006, 08:22 PM
i'm with you on the more power thing.the 250r is a mean machine when tuned,and setup for woods,but it lacks that lugging,tourqey,4 strokish feel of the 500.plus those thning really bilud some steam,even going uphill.the motor is not a concern,as much as ride quality.i know i can ride the power,but the erogonamics is where i fear a conversion.when i build it,it has to be a 250r chassis.am i gonna build one,HELL YEAH.

so louis,you ready for a 350x?LOL

Louis Mielke
07-20-2006, 08:28 PM
Well I do have an open spot on the porch, but the bucket in the basement says I don't need one. Sorry. Yours is sweet though. Wish I didn't have the project one.

PS: can anyone guess the plastics behind the 350 from this pic?

07-21-2006, 12:30 AM
That has to be the rear plastic from a yt125. :cool:

Louis Mielke
07-21-2006, 06:34 AM
yup brand new maier rear fenders. If only I had a matching front.