View Full Version : Now this would be another fun toy to own.

10-18-2002, 09:06 AM

It wouldn't be too hard to make a "Tank" out of it. lol


10-18-2002, 09:54 AM
Looks like something you could add to "your" collection. :-D We had one of them type of vehicles years ago..... it didn't have the tracks on it was all tires.... was great fun as kids to run it around but from everything I can remember it was sloooooow.

10-18-2002, 01:59 PM
My best friend and me bought a 6 wheeled Argo about 10-12 years ago our selves. When running correctly that thing was no slouch. It would do 30 mph on land, but turtles past it in the water.
We sold it after we realized we about would kill ourselves driving it. I can't count the times we had it on 2-3 wheels. I wished I had it back now though. It had 6 of the old Balloon tires on it. The guy that bought it only bought it for the tires. I am sure I will own another one sometime. But a roll cage and seat belt is a must!

10-19-2002, 03:25 PM
i to had 3 6 wheelers in my life.
the last one was about 8 years ago. i took out the 8hp briggs and stuck a 290cc snowmobile motor with a comet clutch + it flew ! took the mrs. for a ride in the woods by the train tracks. when we got back from that ride she said that it had to go,,, she didn't want to be a widow. that was a max 2. i would love to have another (tracks- sure!) but i am not allowed too.

10-19-2002, 05:31 PM
I want an old amphi-cat 6 wheeler for the wife and kiddos to ride in. If anyone remembers, these are the same 6wheelers that were in the Banana Split Show. My wife wants it painted white with red polka-dots like one of them was!!! :shock: Though her wanting and getting is too different things, but as we all know that road goes both ways...heh heh. So if I ever get one it will probably end up like this one.

Sadly I know where a red one is setting outside rotting away just 5 miles from me. The guy won't sell... :(

10-19-2002, 06:20 PM
I remember the show and the amphicats. My first 6 Wheeler ride ever was in a Amphicat. If memory serves me correctly they had a 8 wheeled version back then also. The guy that my dad worked for back then had one 6 wheeled and a 8 wheeled one with a snow plow on it. They used the 8 wheeler for cleaning the manure out of the barns and such. I can't remember what motor they had in it, but I know it wasn't stock. It climbed, pushed, pulled everything in it's way.

10-19-2002, 10:09 PM
Howdy, this AmphiCat over near me has a Sachs engine. dont know what size or horsepower. It does not run, just setting out in the weeds by a shop. If I picked it up cheap, I was gonna put one of those 18 horse briggs&strattons on it.

10-20-2002, 11:41 AM
I remember that show too, I saw it mabey once, and thought it was soooooo stupid, that even at a tender young age, I couldnt stomach it! :rolleyes: Cool machine though, Didnt they show it driving around with the "speeded up film" trick alot??

10-20-2002, 12:05 PM
That's the show. I think they doubled or tripled the speed of them driving around. I agree it wasn't the best show on at the time.