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02-10-2007, 12:58 AM
***NEW for 2007*** Registration clases at 11:00am race day! You may register at any time before the races at my truck at Trikefest. PLEASE do not wait to register at the track at racetime. I get really busy right before the races and I have to come up with a running order that staggers multiple class racers as much as possible. I need your help to make this event run smooth.

I am also going to try an email registration this year on a trial basis, but if it turns out that I have a lot of email registrations that dont show up, it will be discontinued.

Please download and look over these guidelines so you will know what you NEED in order to race. Please be prepared! Its not much individually if everybody takes care of themselves and family, but its way more than I can do collectively.

MS Word Doc - http://home.neo.rr.com/timtim/TF2007MX.doc

I can answer questions by PM or email, or in this thread. This thread is for information not for smack talk. Those posts will be deleted.

03-06-2007, 11:29 PM
This has already been changed and updated due to some new trends in riders rigs. If you downloaded this before, please download it again! It has changed!


Vintage Open – Expert - Typically experienced 250cc two stroke and 350X racers. Trikes do not have to be stock, but modifications are limited to those that do not give significant advantage or displacement gains over stock, and maintain the vintage spirit of the era. For example, a TriZ with an ‘84 YZ250 motor would be allowed, while a TriZ with a 2005 YZ250, or ‘84 490 motor would have to run the monster class.

Monster Trike –***NEW!*** This class is for showcasing hybrids, big bores, and modern three wheeled creations. People that design these creations tend to be experienced racers, but it is not a requirement. Hybrids and big bores will not be permitted in other open classes.

2 Stroke Open – Novice - Mostly 250cc two stroke riders with little MX experience.

4 Stroke Open – Novice – Mostly 350X riders with little MX experience.

Mid Size Suspended – Under 250cc 4 stroke, or 175cc 2 stroke with front and rear suspension such as 200X, 250SX, YTM225, etc.

Semi-Suspended – Front suspension only, such as 200S, 200M, YTM200, YT175, etc.

Unsuspended – Up to 125cc such as ATC70, 90, 110, YT60, YT125, ALT125, etc.

Ladies’ Trike ***NEW!*** - Ladies of all ages on any size 3 wheeler

Mini Quad – We wanted to include the kids! - Mini quads under 125cc. Adults are welcome to race mini quads but only 14 and under are eligible for trophy.

Geriatric Trike Exhibition – This will be a non-trophy exhibition class for mostly older riders with physical or health limitations who feel that even running a novice class would put them at health or safety risks, but are dying to experience Motocross! This class will run one lap for first moto, and riders will decide whether one or two laps in 2nd moto.