View Full Version : valve lash

03-22-2007, 12:09 AM
This seemed like a good place to put this thread as long as mad scientist = backwoods hoopty riggin. Many here probably know there are almost no aftermarket parts for a 220 bayou, nevermind a cam. The bayou is not much of one for bottom end grunt,,, add to that mine burns about as much oil as gas and I have 25 inch swamplites instead of 22 inch stock baldies. So, what I did was back the valve adjusters off to about 1/16 inch or more clearance... Effectively subtracting duration from the cam and moving the powerband down. Aside from the constant clicking noises, its like a totally new bike. I can actually get the front end up in 2nd now, lol.

Has anyone ever done this before and do you know the long term effects of running such a large lash? I know valve stem cracking and mushrooming are a couple effects, but I'm hoping that doesn't happen as long as I keep the revs down (which shouldn't be that hard - the bigger the lash the less it wants to rev anyway). Any thoughts?