View Full Version : Any Fans of the Ford 460 engines?

Billy Golightly
10-22-2002, 08:53 PM
I love em'. Anyone else?

10-22-2002, 10:02 PM
One of the best motors of all time. Talk about a stong motor that you can put the miles on! I have two of them. One in my 93F250(220,000mi) and one in my 77F250(60,000). I'll take big gas over diesel anyday. That motor is strong and fast. I could care less about anything bad anybody could say about them, they are hands down the best.


Billy Golightly
10-22-2002, 11:10 PM
Couldn't have said it any better myself...With close to 400hp, and over 500ft lbs of torque in their STOCK form they are in a class of their own. If I ever get some greenies my truck (77 F-250) Will be getting a SERIOUS face lift and will be the truck of my lifetime. Got any pictures of your 77 Oldschoolin?

10-22-2002, 11:44 PM
I'll have some to post sunday night. Mine needs a face lift too. It's an old green colored single cab long bed. What about you, any pics?

Billy Golightly
10-23-2002, 12:23 AM
Mine started life with a 351 windsor that Blew up in the early 90's which was replaced by the 69 Lincoln 460 engine that is in it now. Single cab, long bed too. Was orignally candy apple red on the inside and out. Its now a rust oleum red/gray/brown splotched on the outside. The inside is fairly faded. I've got about $550 worth of paint for it when I can get my body work all done up. I got one quart of clear coat to match the inside to re paint the inside of my doors, touch up some places on the dash, and underneath the back glass. I bought a gallon (need another one) of Dupont Imron high gloss black for it (Same color as the 500X frame and gas tank). Its in pretty good shape I guess. The rust isn't severe on it like most trucks. The floor in the cab is kinda gone, need to cut it out with a sawzall and bolt in some new sheet metal. And then a new floor mat. I've got some pictures, Here they are



Nothing really good, but it'll give you the general idea.

10-23-2002, 07:35 AM
Don't feel bad about the floor being gone, I've got a plywood one for now on the drivers side. I found new floor pans for $40 each. I'll be ordering them in the next week so I can weld them in and install some new carpet. It's getting to cold here for big holes in the cab. What kind of spray paint would you recomend using to prevent them from rusting after I install them?

10-23-2002, 12:20 PM
Everytime I read about someones old ford pickup, I wish I'd a kept mine. I've had several Ford Pickups over the years, but this was my favorite.

It was an '83 F-350 4X4 Single Cab XL. Had the 6.9L diesel with a Banks Turbo. I sold it to my brother in '94. Back in the "good ol' days", I enjoyed excellent fuel mileage in a One Ton 4x4 and 79 cent/gallon fuel costs. She had some torque now. I used to like to get out in the pasture in an open area, put the pickup in 1st & in 4 low, let the clutch out to get her moving and then get out and walk beside it.... :-D

I too love the 460. Gaseous Hoggus.... you could rev the engine and watch the gas gage move down... ;) In the late 80's, early 90s, working odd jobs in the oilfield and farm/ranch work, used a few good ol' Fords with the 460, 351, 302, and the 300 6. which is a pretty damn stout little engine. Also the Diesel 6.9L and 7.3L. A few Dodges. Not many people I worked for used Chevy's, there's nothing wrong with the motors but the later model ones just didn't hold up as well as the Fords.

10-23-2002, 08:17 PM
personally i'm a big 454 fan. But I have to admit that the ford 460 is a great engine, lots of raw power. My favorite has to be the classic 350 though, cuz you can mod em up alot, tons of aftermarket support and theres nothin' you can't stick one into :) also the gas milage is a lot better :arrow:

10-23-2002, 08:59 PM
5.0 is the only way to go. :shock:

10-23-2002, 10:55 PM
Those 5.0's are fine for little Mustangs, but they're not enough for a full-size truck. I had one in my '94 F-150 when I had it and it needed some more HP for top end. As far as engines that new Ford V-10 is somethin else. I haven't had the opportunity to really open one up yet, but just on the short drive I took it on in a LWB 4DR F-250 it threw my head back everytime I touched the gas. I hope Ford fits that monster in the Lightings to compete with that new Dodge Ram SRT-10.

10-24-2002, 11:01 AM
Our company truck here at work is an '02 V-10, F-350 4x4 Crew Cab Short Bed Lariat. way too nice for a work truck! I haven't got to drive it yet, maybe someday. The've also got a '93 F-150 Regular Cab with a 300-6 and they haul more big heavy stuff with it than the F-350! They bring this poor half ton in sometimes with it loaded down to where its setting on the axle! I know the 350 is allot nicer and newer, but sometimes it doesn't make sense...

10-24-2002, 03:31 PM
My buddy has an 01 F250 with the V10. I can beat his trailprotrailprotrailprotrailprotrailpro everyway with my 93 F250. You have to remember the 460 is a lot bigger motor than the V10. Almost a full liter bigger. Don't get me wrong the V10 isn't crap but it's not as powerful as I would have guessed.

Billy Golightly
10-24-2002, 04:27 PM
The only enignes I've ever found even compareable in stock form to a 460 is a 454, and a 7.3 power stroke turbo deisel.

10-24-2002, 07:43 PM
I would venture to say the 460 is the best big-block ever built.

Big Darn Mike C
10-24-2002, 07:57 PM
You've never been around the good ol' FE 390-428's then. I agree that the 429-460's are some of the greatest motors of all time and I love them to death, but, my vote goes to the 428 Cobra Jet. It is one of the best motors because it is every bit as reliable as a 429-460, only I have felt it to be more torquey. The Fe motors are legendary. Did you know that by combining a Fe 427 block with a 428 crank you get a 454? One day i will build that motor. Sadly, parts for the FE's are not as cheap as others, but that's the price to pay for FE power. Here's my pickup. 1971 Ford F250 4x4 hiboy, FE 418 (bored and stroked 390, basiclly a 428), CJ heads(shaved),Demon 750 double pumper,Compcam, Pertronix electronic ignition, timing gears sounds like a blower, forged pistons, headers, 3 in Flowmaster's with big tips dumped behind the cab. Sounds tough. 4.10 gears, 4 speed, Dana 60 front and rear. Oh yeah, edelbrock RPM intake and K&N filter. Sit's on 35 in BFG's. This thing is rediculous. I have never dyno'dit but it has to be making close to 450-500hp. last time at the coast, we drove it down to the drag hill and sat at the bottom and watched. We got crazy and started racing the pickup. First race i pull up next to this Banshee and rev it up, we both take off and i beat 'em to the top. It was unbelievable. Then this turbocharged Toyota lined up by me, we took off and I smoked his ass but he wanted to go again, so we go again. Sitting at the bottom he goes, and immediately after,i go. I totally miss 3rd gear and he got a pretty good lead, so i rammed it in gear and stood on it, and we blew right past him to the top. Then people started to notice. So we are sitting there at the bottom at the line and here come's these Big ford's. One was a new Powerstroke and the other was a 79 ford with the venerable 460, well built. They both line up next to us and wanting me to go. So we go. I always wait for someone else to go first, then I hammer it. The stroke goes first, then we both hammer it. The stroke is out of it mid way up, me and this other Ford are goin at it. by the time we hit the top of the hill i look back and his grille is right at my bumper. i kicked his ass too. But then i went up this side hill and got stuck, ruined my whole front end, a bunch of teeth missing of the ring gear and a hub is completely gone so I don't have 4 x4 anymore. This other ford that i raced pulled me out and we talked for a while and drank beer. He was impressed by it, he couldn't belive that it was only a 418 ci. His 460 was actually bored out to 472ci. Long story short, i ain't afraid of no 460. It is good to have all that displacement, but there are alot of other ways to build hp and i know a few tricks. I had a lot of offers on my truck that weekend, kinda hard tellin them all NO. Sorry for the huge story, but that was a helluva weekend.

Billy Golightly
10-24-2002, 08:16 PM
390's are great motors, but in stock form I have to disagree that they are up to par with a stock 460. Built up however I can agree with you. Why else would Ford use the same block in all of their high end high performance uses? The only bad thing about the 390 blocks are their harder then hell to come by. I've seen atleast 15 trucks with 460's in them and 2 with 390's.

Big Darn Mike C
10-25-2002, 02:14 PM
well, that could be in your area. But most places 390's run very plentiful and are easily aquired. Same with a 360, dime a dozen,it's the 406,410,428and 427 that are hard to come by. I have a disheartening fact though, the Ford 390 at one point did make 400 stock hp where as the 429-460 made 365hp up until 69 I believe, and get this, in 1977, the 460 was realeased with an astounding 200hp! the 390 was choked up as well in it's last year of production in 76 with an amazing 210hp.Can you believe that? I guess it's all in your belief's, but I've driven plenty of stock 390's and 460's and there really isn't much of a difference. The payoff with a 460 is the parts cost so much less. You could build a 500 hp 460 For a total cost of about 3k or less, but with a 390 it would cost about 4k, which is what I have in my 418. It doesn't matter, if it's Blue Oval, I'm a fan of it. I hope to build a 460 some day, because all I have ever had is 390's. I also want to build a stroker 351 Windsor stroked out to 427 cubes. Those little devil's are loaded pocket rockets, not good for truck use though.

Billy Golightly
10-25-2002, 03:10 PM
I've got the early 460 engine from a 69 Lincoln car. Suppose to make 365hp-500ftlbs of torque. The earlier models had whats called the "D0VE" heads, which made the stock compression 10.5:1, and provided quite a bit better exhaust let out. The later engines got choked up by new heads and other stuff for emmisions requirements. 390's aren't impossible to find, I mean they are out there but their not very common in these parts. But the 427/428's are one in a 1,000 just about. They only used those engines in the Cobra jet mustang's as far as I know.

Big Darn Mike C
10-25-2002, 07:05 PM
They are also found in some Galxies and Fairlane 500's. The 427 is flat out rare no matter where you go but a 428 can be found if you want to look and pay for it. Here there is usually one in the classifieds for about $1500. And that's as is. We actually have a couple of 365 hp 429's, One is in my granparents enormous LTD, which my dad has some stories about smoking some Camaros and Stangs in it, and the other is in a pickup like mine. The motor in the pickup has a lot of miles on it, it actually needs a rebuild but it's still chuggin away. Well, hang on to that motor of your's cause it's a good one.

10-25-2002, 11:31 PM
I'll have to go ahead and state that a 427 Big Bolck from Chevy like they had in the Vette's with a claimed"Listed" Horsepower of 435 will spank the ass off any ford. I can also say that they had some 460's that weren't much higher in horsepower than a 302 which is what I have in my truck. There is different horsepower ratings on motors a lot of times even though they are the same motor. so it is easily possible that a 390 will smoke a 460. I know a guy that had a 1977 Lincoln Continental and it had a 460 in it and only produced like 200 horses or something. We have a 1970 423 Chrysler Big Block and it is only rated at 265 horsepower and they had some that were much higher than that. Some 350 small blocks have more than that.

10-26-2002, 02:55 AM
I could get a 460 to pump 450 hp, no problem,

Its nice going 65 in overdrive on the mountain pass towing 5 tons behind you.

Two best motors

Ford 7.3 Turbo Diesel

10-26-2002, 12:15 PM
What is your point? I can get a 460 over 1000 (peak) horses easily. It all boils down to money, and who has it.

I'v said it before, and I'll say it again. Comparing old (73 or older) engines to new engines is downright stupid. Go learn some history, then come back and try debating it. You will find its pointless.

Big Darn Mike C
10-26-2002, 07:22 PM
I think the newer emissions choked engines are being confused with the older non emission controlled motors. a world of difference, no comparison even warranted. And if we want to get into rare huge hp producing engines, this is the mill that struck fear into the hearts of Mopar and Bowtie fans everywhere: The Ford FE SOHC 427 "cammer" rated at 650hp without a blower, not to mention it would rev to the moon. I don't know that this motor made it to production cars or not, but it was produced for racing. If it was, it was probably choked down to around 450hp, but no other production motor would even touch it. That aside, you can build just about any motor to produce 435 hp like that Vette motor, it's not hard, my FE 418 makes at least that, and it's not too heavily modified. All that Vette 427 is is a 454 with the stroke of a 396, plus it's hot out of the box.