View Full Version : Southern Flat Track League round 9 results

Billy Golightly
09-03-2007, 07:42 PM
Well, the races got off to kind of a rough start. We got rained out Saturday evening. I put about 6 laps of practice in, and then about 10 minutes after that it poured. After everyone sat in their vehicles for about 30 minutes they decided to call the race, to wet. Everyone was suppose to be back at 10:00AM Sunday to resume. I got there around 9:30 and the track was nasty nasty nasty. In addition to that, I guess most people packed up and had left after the night before. The crowd was pretty small. After a while we got together with the track owner and came up with a plan for everyone to get out on the tracks and just drive around on it a lot to try and get the water squished out of it and dried up. It was still really overcast so the sun wasn't helping much. After about 30-35 laps we got it dried out. Karts ran on it and got the groove started, and then we REALLY got it going. By the end of the day it was awesome and hooking up freakin insane, like asphalt. I've been trying and have finally gotten where I can do pretty good at pitching the trike before I even get into the corner instead of driving a 1/4 of the way through it and then starting to slide. Normally, when I'm on one of these aggressive tracks the tread on the outside of the tire will be burnt, and the inside will be like brand new. This time the inside is feathered almost as much as the outside. It didn't get as light because of my riding style. It was still crazy though, when I would come in and get sideways to start with the tires would be barking just like it was on pavement. And they (the tires) were hot as *Edited**Edited**Edited**Edited* when I got back off the track. It was just Walter and I, and we ended up running with 2 other quads for our heats and main. I got ahead of the one quad guy in the second heat for a long time, probably 5-6 laps and then I blew through the groove on one corner and he got around me. In the main I was ahead of the other guy for 3 or 4 laps and then he finally got around. Thats better then I been doing though. Overall everything went really well, looking forward to the next race up in Valdosta.