View Full Version : Rode a 350X for first time last weekend

10-25-2002, 10:41 PM
Last weekend when I met MT350X here at the Dunes, he let me ride his 350X. I couldn't believe the power !!! :!: Amazing what 150 more c.c. over my 200X could do. Started climbing those dunes, and it just kept powering up. That was alot of fun to feel that power. The 350X is now a favorite of mine. Hope to get a nice one someday.

10-26-2002, 08:25 AM
i can't hardly wait till my motor is done so i can get my 350x project ridable ! i rode one for the first time about a year ago when i bought one in peices and after getting it together i sold it to a good friend. i had only about a hour total ride time on it but he was after me to sell it to him early on so i kept my word and the day he got it i said i would get me another ! finnaly got one but need tons of t.l.c. + parts (barely ridable).
motor guy crashed his flat tracker 440 b.s.a and roughed himself up real good so it's gonna be awhile,,,,,, his work is worth the wait so,,,, oh well.
howdy let me ride his x around at haspin a little bit and i needed that, what a nice running trike he has. (thanks again howdy-good therapy)

patiently waiting,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, john