View Full Version : What is it?

02-25-2008, 10:34 PM
Bought this mainly fo the rear diff and brakes. A farmer I once worked for had one. What I want to know is who made it.:confused: Would like to chat also, but since I got the up grade to java it wont lit me in. says it timed out.:(

03-08-2008, 08:06 PM
reminds me of an old cushman scooter, I dont know anything more than that though....

03-09-2008, 03:00 AM
HEYY!! We have one of those sitting next to the local Ski-Doo dealership! It's got like, an 8 or 10 horse Briggs engine in it... :lol:

No idea what it is, or who makes it, but apparently they're pretty common.

Bryan Raffa
03-09-2008, 09:06 AM
L@@K at them COOLER RACKS!!! Wait till ronnie see's that!:beer

03-10-2008, 12:29 AM
All ready checked and it's not a cushman, as far as the cooler rackes go you can hold two cdoolers with a total of threty six 12oz cans. Hay red rider could you post a pic or two of yours so I can see what a running one looks like?:wondering

03-18-2008, 02:42 AM
looks a little like those old sasquatch trikes but those came with a kawasaki industrial motor, Ive also seen one like that but no cooler racks just a fiberglass seat/body, it was called a beachcomer...