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04-24-2008, 12:59 PM
I was looking at my 85 tecate stator /mag and cdi setup and noticed that the t4 has a wire missing from factory. But it looks like it is just a ground. Instead of running the ground wire up to the coil they just grounded it out.:wondering
I have not tried it yet but I think both tecate 3 and 4 can have interchangeable elec systems. So here is what has been haunting me. A spark is a spark. Most coils are the same or close to it. And cdi boxes work the same. Stators have a adjuster plate. Why can't you make a 250r setup work on a tecate or vise versa? I remember the old days of this site whn no one owned a working tecate. Ricky stator was not too popular back then. Well some one said they used a atc 200 4 stroke mag and regroved a new key way. And it worked fine. Shocks that fit other bikes. Polaris 400 top end on a honda. Things like this blows my mind.
People who are not in the right mind comes up with these things, and gives more hope for parts that are no longer avaliable.