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07-01-2008, 11:53 PM
If you are in the NE Ohio area and would like to try some old school motocross while its still here, I urge you to check out Smith Road Raceway on July 4th. They run Quads, Bikes, and miniís as well as trikes.

Mapquest address - 6868 West Smith Road, Medina, OH 44256

Due to some irresponsible drunks, Smith Road no longer has overnight camping. Several of the OTC guys room up at Motel 6 the night before and split expenses.

At least one trike class. $25 to race + $10 gate fee. Gates open at 6:00am. Signup opens at 7:00am. Practice for big quads which includes trikes, runs from 8:00am-8:15am. You must be signed up before practice, so get there early! Races begin at 10:00am. They typically begin with the mini classes. Regular MX scoring so both motos count.

Smith Road Raceway does not have a website, but youíll probably get better information from the OTC guys anyways, as the 3 wheeler class or classes are setup per our request. If you had a question about the trike class, they would probably refer you to me so feel free to email questions, or ask any of the guys who have run it before.

We typically get about a dozen riders aged 13-46, from 200Xís to 250 pingers, to 450 hybrids, with abilities that range from seasoned experts to first time riders, so there is no reason for anyone to believe their trike isnít fast enough (just need front and rear suspension), or they are not good enough. Some of the best racing takes place in the back or the middle of the pack. Showing up at the gate earns you all the respect in the world, and there is nothing left to prove after that. We are there to have fun and you will likely find someone in your skill range to give you a good race out there.

While others often complain that no one will let them compete, we have race promoters begging us to show up, not because of our racing skills, but because we exemplify sportsmanship, and decent conduct, we are respectful and grateful to race promoters and track owners, and we behave responsibly in observing track rules, especially as it pertains to pit riding. The spectators enjoy watching us because we make it obvious we are all friends, and are having fun out there. Our reputation is everything, and is the reason trike racing in Ohio exists, and I can confidently speak for OTC as a group when I say we absolutely will not tolerate any behavior that tarnishes this reputation we have worked so hard to earn. Safe racing is also part of this reputation and deliberate contact should be avoided but beginners and newbies it does frequently happen. If someone DELIBERATELY crashes another rider I will personally rip his head off.

We hope you can check it out, whether it be as a racer or a spectator, and hang out with the greatest bunch of folks youíll ever meet for a full day of family entertainment thatís also a blast for the kiddies.

07-03-2008, 04:23 PM
We've got almost enough racers for a "B" class. Any more takers?

Derrick Adams
Louis Mielke
atctim's cousin jake
alicia, jake's g/f
this spot reserved for Mrs Mosh :naughty: