View Full Version : Tri-Z Billet Clutch Basket Installation Thread

02-09-2008, 06:55 PM
Installation steps for billet clutch basket installation, on a Tri-Z.
These proceedures will be very similar on many other 2 stroke engine models....Banshee, 250R, etc.

I recieved the first basket for install and testing purposes.

I had a fine piece to donate for the process.After noticing the fine yamaha basket I had with a gear(see first pic) .This shattered basket came out of a engine I bought,so I decide to use this gear to test with.
The ride report will be at the end of the post.
Here are some pics of the installation that is needed,in case some do not know how to do this.Each pic has a title of the operation going on above the pic.

This is what I started with,A shattered basket with a good gear.

This pic shows the tools I used to remove the factory rivets.I use a grindnig stone to knock the thick portion of rivet off,then I switch to a 80 grit sanding disc and grind the rivet flush with the gear.Once that is done I use a punch to drive out the rivets.

This pic shows the rivet heads removed from grinding.At this point,you will drive them out with a punch and hammer.


Once you do that,this is what you will have.The old basket,and plate and cushions.See this pic.
Next you have to drive the rivets out of the cushions.Yamaha decided it would be a good I dea to press the cushions on the rivets.I have never seen this before.Usually, the cushions drop right out of the rivets.But once again,get out the punch and start hammering the rivets from the cushions.

This next pic shows the cushions installed in the new basket.They are a tight fit,and I had to slightly trim the OEM cushions to fit the new basket.The anodizing and design of the basket was made tighter to prevent the basket rocking on the gear.I used my 80 grit sanding disc to trim the cushion edges,then lubed with silicone grease and tapped them in the new basket with a small block of wood.

Once this has been done,you will use the hardware Sprock provides with the kit. Then you will install the Sex bolts.MAKE SURE YOU USE RED LOCTITE.Pic from front of basket.


Pic from rear of basket.With bolts installed.

Next I removed My OEM basket and did a side by side comparision of the 2 baskets.
Look closely and you will see that The Sprock Basket has much beefier fingers for strength.


These last 2 pics show the install On the machine.Pretty self explanitory.




My Z was always pretty good in the clucth department.The only problem I have ever had,was that sometimes from sitting,the plates would hang in the OEM basket,and when I dropped it in first,It would stall the motor till she was warm.
With this new Sprock basket,that problem IS GONE.

The Trike has performed flawless in the first 45 minutes I have ran it.

I also have noticed that neutral is WAY easier to find(it was good with the OEM basket)But is even smoother yet with the new Sprock basket.
I also noticed that it shifts Smoother than ever,and I am able to have a little more freeplay in the lever With this new basket.
And for some reason,It seems to have improved the vibration of the engine.This Z was always pretty smooth,but feels even smoother.

All in all the install time took about 2.5 to 3 hours.The worst part is dealing with the Rivets.

All in All this is a great way to invest in your Z.
At the price he is selling them For,you cant even get a 250R basket Or banshee aftermarket basket for this price.

Once again,another great Corey Sprock product in the TRI-Z
Thank you Sprock for making this happen!Well worth the wait.