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  1. BLM gearing up for more regulation of Glamis and the Imperial Sand Dunes.

    If your one of many OHV enthusiast who calls Southern California’s Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area (Glamis) your favorite riding location, then you need to listen up, read up and be active. The U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) recently announced the availability of the draft Imperial Sand Dunes...
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    Although I'm from the Eastcoast, and have only ridden at the ISDRA one time (Gordon's Well) it was an amazing experience, and a totally ...
  2. F1 Driver takes wife for a ride around the track.

  3. New dedicated server

    Is up and running, got the image/attachments issue figured out thanks to the webhost. There should be another vBulletin bug patch next week (was suppose to be this one but they pushed it back a week to make it more reliable, which is good). Between the new server and that bug patch hopefully things will get better around here.
  4. Site optimizations, and tracking down a big problem.

    Over the course of the near week now since we updated the site and forum software we've had a peculiar bug to track down. This isn't a computer forum, so I'll spare all the geeky details but to sum it up the webserver was getting hung up with a ton of processes, and wouldn't turn those processes off when it was done, and they would just keep stacking up until it was overloaded. This made the site very slow, or even completely dead and un-responsive at times. We've kept tweaking settings and making ...
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