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  1. Kintore's Avatar
    Snake just said he is out, why I dont know!
  2. JohnR.'s Avatar
    NICE! Keg of homebrew sounds GOOD! Try to have some left for those of us that are getting there Saturday morning.
  3. Gag_Halfront's Avatar
    Ok. Tecate is back together, battle trike is running pretty good. Just gotta load the truck tomorrow morning and head out. Looks like we could get a much earlier start than anticipated. I'll have to take a break to get on a conference call for work somewhere around lunch time. Other than that, if all goes well we should be there late afternoon.

    Oh... and the homebrew is kegged. :-D (I still have to try it and make sure it came out ok but it should be pretty good)
  4. Bryan Raffa's Avatar
    IF YOU BUILD IT THEY WILL COME..........................
  5. Bryan Raffa's Avatar
    SPECIAL GUEST Arrives 11:44 thursday!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Bryan Raffa's Avatar
    The Track was Built yesterday,, the Medium size Oval, I was ripping in 3-4th gear and the road corse is a good 1/4 mile track with plenty of right turns. I may change a few things on the road corse and add a few diffrent sections..so we can open them up and change the corse as needed.
  7. JohnR.'s Avatar
    Keep us updated.
  8. Bryan Raffa's Avatar
    Gettin close.. now boy's!! TRACK COMEING SOON!
  9. Kintore's Avatar
    Ill t bomb that slithery bugger..... he is in jersey right now repairing shoppin carts!
  10. Bryan Raffa's Avatar
    Im shure the cameras will be flying billy... few more go pro's would be nice!.... Snake,,, see if you can grab Tim's....
  11. Gag_Halfront's Avatar
    If somebody has a decent camera, Rachel can shoot pics. Her good camera broke. :-(
  12. Billy Golightly's Avatar
    You guys make sure you take a lot of pictures and get someone to write up a little article about the weekend like we have for the OTC indoor race and the Glamis ride
  13. zmpolaristech's Avatar
    Hey, don't forget me! Put me on the list! I'm comin' up with Johnny'sX and Garret. Just bringin my STOCKER Z to play with.
  14. JohnR.'s Avatar
    Yeah well its been a big secret but my Pro-X cylinder is actually a stock bore one. Just a little port work and some compression.
  15. ChrisD's Avatar
    Shhhhhh......it's stock with a pipe on it.
  16. JohnR.'s Avatar
    What 250? You have a 270. Just kidding man. I used to run my 270 TRX in the 250 class all the time. Even if we convince Mike to come I don't think he's going to be getting after it too hard.
  17. ChrisD's Avatar
    I'm not talking the 330.....It sounds like you are going green on the 250 front.
  18. JohnR.'s Avatar
    :cough: :cough: 250? :ahem: ????
  19. ChrisD's Avatar
    Danm....who is representing red at this point in the 250 class? Freaks Riverrat and me? (I will skip the SX and bring my 250R instead if I have to represent team red)
  20. JohnR.'s Avatar
    You have my T3 in the list? It took last weekend off but it was sitting in the trailer watching the R do laps.
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