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  1. Yamahondaman BILLET ESTATE SALE ! Sale is live! Tons of billet aluminum and stainless

    Jenny Hopkins has asked me to help liquidate some remaining stuff that Ronnie had laying around. All sale proceeds go directly to Jenny. This blog is just a respot of the forum thread here http://www.3wheelerworld.com/showthr...-and-stainless I will only be updating that thread with the remaining stock, and not this blog post, so please check that thread before sending me a paypal. Thanks!

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  2. A sneak peak at the next dissection of a CPSC hearing transcript

    This next one I'm working on is almost 400 pages, and I'm reading it line for line and marking interesting stuff as I'm going. This one will take a while to get through completely and get put together in the same format as my first review of the CSPC hearing but in the mean time...here are a few interesting tidbits for you guys?

    Page 65:
    MR DeFIORE In the five accidents that you
    19 investigated, in how many instances were the riders wearing
    20 helmets or other safety ...
  3. BLM gearing up for more regulation of Glamis and the Imperial Sand Dunes.

    If your one of many OHV enthusiast who calls Southern California’s Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area (Glamis) your favorite riding location, then you need to listen up, read up and be active. The U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) recently announced the availability of the draft Imperial Sand Dunes...
    Continue reading @ ATVmagblog.com

    Although I'm from the Eastcoast, and have only ridden at the ISDRA one time (Gordon's Well) it was an amazing experience, and a totally ...
  4. Triker Gathering At Gordons Well!

    The date is quickly approaching! January 4th through the 10th at Gordons Well (Imperial Sand Dunes in California). 3 wheeler enthusiasts from all over the country will be in attendance. It will be a dune ride for the ages!

    In case you're wondering, you don't need to be invited. If you know where Gordons Well is, you shouldn't have much trouble finding us. Come out and say Hi!

    For those of you who are unable to join us, I will be sure to post plenty of pictures and ...
  5. '85 SELVY 200R Build (updated w/ new pics 2/23)

    Quote Originally Posted by Buster Brown View Post
    Updated a few items.
    Just installed Jody Meadows reproduction CAL FAB +1" swingarm and the CT style front hub/wheel combo he built for me too. Really pleased with the fit and finish on Jody's work! A+ all the way!!!
    Thanks Jody!
    Anyway here's the new look. and a link to the reproductuion parts....

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