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  1. Raffa's Ice Fest 2010!

    Once Again ,its Time for Trikes to take to the ICE in Upstate NY!,,, John R was the Fastest on the ICE in 09.. But will His streak be ruined By ChrisD and the other 330R demon..Chris is on the right Track with a Fresh Rebuild.. can he pull it off????will he make it??? local PA Boy TrizNate has a big bore Tri-z up his sleeve.. will he pull it out against the Orange county boys...then theres Brappp.. "King of Cobble" with a 500 calfab tecate.. will his creation be done in time?? Next ...

    Updated 01-13-2010 at 11:45 PM by Bryan Raffa

  2. An 18 minute video of some hillclimbing action!

  3. Here it is-250R in the crate!!! let see if anyone has the money to back up the talk.

    Quote Originally Posted by blue27 View Post
    Posting to help the auction, I would LOVE to have but I do not have the money, but some one will,lol This is a real collectable in the ATC world.

    Good Luck K10


    What an amazing opportunity for someone to own a truly new in the crate 250R, WOW! At the time of posting, bidding is over $12,000 and has 9 days left. Should be very interesting ...
  4. Site optimizations, and tracking down a big problem.

    Over the course of the near week now since we updated the site and forum software we've had a peculiar bug to track down. This isn't a computer forum, so I'll spare all the geeky details but to sum it up the webserver was getting hung up with a ton of processes, and wouldn't turn those processes off when it was done, and they would just keep stacking up until it was overloaded. This made the site very slow, or even completely dead and un-responsive at times. We've kept tweaking settings and making ...
  5. Did another server upgrade

    My webhost although they frustrate me at times is actually fantastic and puts up with a lot of my technical stupidities and bails me out when I screw things up They have hooked us up with a second server that is basically splitting the workload of the site across two systems instead of just one. It appears some of the styling issues and formatting problems we've been experiencing (Posted in earlier threads of the site/board feedback forum with screenshots) happened because the server basically ...
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