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    by Published on 11-05-2014 01:00 PM
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    Thanks to a large personal investment by forum member bboyrise, the Dunlop KT577A tire, which as many enthusiasts will know, was the stock rear tire on 3rd generation Honda 250R's and have been discontinued for quite some time. The tire is branded as the high performance "CHEETAH HP577C" to avoid copyright infringement since Dunlop did not wish to participate in it's reproduction, but is identical to the original OEM Dunlop tires found on the Honda machines (noting the same tread pattern, traction, performance, and size) which can help more riders looking for an OEM-style machine and restorers. However, originality is always prefered in that regard, and the value for original Dunlops in good shape will continue to rise. The tire will come in the original 20x10x9 size. We will keep you up to date on this developing story and let you know when the tires go on sale and for how much.

    We also recommend reading about the producers past history by checking out this link.
    by Published on 11-03-2014 02:00 PM
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    Originally posted by Buster Brown way back in 2010, he put together this awesome 1985 Selvy 200R replica. The bike was build from the frame up, with some really cool stuff, including an authentic 200R race engine which is a really cool piece of trike history. The bike really is something special, with a CAL FAB +1" swingarm and many, many supporting mods to make this replica a great effort. The bike was updated a few times since, and we've included some pictures of the magnificent beast which you can view by clicking this article. You can also read the original post, follow it's progress and view more pictures by clicking here.
    by Published on 10-31-2014 11:00 AM
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    Happy Halloween all you trike riders! Robert Flounder sent this one into us via Facebook. It definitely looks like a mean machine! This is his race trike, which he completely rebuilt from the ground up and installed a 400EX header and carburetor. She's definitely a beaut Rob, and we hope you take care of her. Long live the ATC's!

    As always, if you'd like your machine highlighted, send in a picture by attaching it in the comments with a short description. The more descriptive you are, the better chance you have! We are always looking for cool trikes to spotlight.
    by Published on 10-30-2014 03:31 PM
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    This beautiful, nearly immaculate 1987 Honda ATC250ES "Big Red" is up for auction on eBay Motors. The bike is absolutely mint, only clocking a legitimate 20.4 miles on the odometer. Bidders are flooding in, and prices are going up quickly, already surpassing over $7,000 for the machine, and could easily increase well over that. Some of you may remember the mint, unassembled 3rd generation ATC250R still in its shipping container that sold a few years back at nearly half of $100,000 in it's best auction; this machine is said to be in even better condition, assembled and rideable. View more photos and get your bids inby following this link.
    by Published on 10-29-2014 12:00 PM
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    Keeping these old beasts alive is what it's all about. When member mohadib came home from work, the plan was to repack his '86 250R's muffler. Instead, it turned into a full teardown, even beyond a rolling chassis. Now, he's got a list of everything he plans on doing to it, including (just to name a few), getting new shrouds, plastics, stickers, crank seals, drivetrain parts, various bushings and bearings and more. You can catch up on his build, view more pictures, see his progress and leave a comment by clicking here.
    by Published on 10-27-2014 12:00 PM
    Article Preview

    Eye candy! This sexy '86 Honda ATC125M was put together by none other than our own forum member OKSTATE#1. The machine is entirely built using NOS (new, old stock) parts including plastics, tires, the dash, tool box, decals, with fresh oil and an OEM oil filter. Click here to see more pictures of this beautiful machine. Thanks for posting!
    by Published on 10-24-2014 12:00 PM
    Article Preview

    Arizona Trike Central held an awesome trike race last weekend on October 18th, that had a pretty good rider turnout. Check out these awesome pictures that were taken from the pits and some sweet action shots courtesy of www.azdirt.com. You can find more photos by clicking this article and you'll find more action shots by clicking here. If you've got a race you'd like to be promoted to the front page, please private message slashfan7964 with various pictures (if available), and details/information.

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    Finally back on this.

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    ATC 200 transmission ratios

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