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  • Removing rear bearings from an aluminum carrier

    I used to drive myself crazy with the "knock the bearings out with a and punch" method. On a 250r for example, there's not a lot of play in that center collar so there's not much of a lip to get the punch on. I had a set that just didn't want to come out so I took it to the shop, ready to gladly pay someone a few bucks to save me the headache.

    When I got there and explained what I was trying to do, the shop owner showed me an old school trick instead of charging me to do it. I've used this trick twice now and it worked perfectly both times.

    First remove the bearing carrier from the swingarm.

    Next, get a 2x4 ready.

    Heat up the brake side of the carrier with a torch (I used a simple propane torch). You might hear a pop or two. This is the aluminum expanding and actually detaching from the bearing.

    Once it's sufficiently heated, grab the carrier with a gloved hand, turn it over and slam it down on the 2x4 with a fair amount of force. If it's heated up enough, once or twice will usually do the trick.

    Slamming it down after heating will allow the brake side bearing to easily move down to be flush with the edge of the carrier. This gives you plenty of space to get the punch in there and knock it the rest of the way out (it will come out extremely easy at that point).

    Once the brake side is off, heat up the sprocket side and knock it out with a punch. This side will be a little more difficult. The area around it is much thicker so it will not expand as much. With the other bearing and the collar removed however, it's a hundred times easier than the old "beat on it until it comes out" method.
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      harryredtrike -
      good to know dammit i will be doing this job some time in the spring or sooner if the let go.
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