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  • New Tri-Z wiring diagram, easy to understand vesion.

    Well the existing Z wiring diagram that is on the homepage here is not so great. I had Kintore asking me what all the symbols meant and to be honest I didnt really know myself!. So i started to try and draw my own version of the diagram when my dad comes along and sees what im doing and offers to help!.

    The old one

    The new one

    I thought it was way to good for only me and kintore to have so im posting it here.

    Sorry 86 Z riders...... the headlight shell is in yellow
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    1. misfitfiend's Avatar
      misfitfiend -
      mabe you can help i have a 85 tri-z and so far ive put a new ignition coil on the sator and baught a new cdi and still dont have spark. run last year then stored inna basement
    1. WilliamJ's Avatar
      WilliamJ -

      That's the one I drew under instruction from Will - he really loved it! I said I'd do them for other trikes if wanted. What do you think?

    1. Billy Golightly's Avatar
      Billy Golightly -
      Bill that'd be quite an undertaking but it'd be fantastic! That one you did for the Tri-Z really is great.
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