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  • ATC200ES "Big Red"

    ATC200ES "BigRed" 1984
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    1. TOBYBLANCHARD79's Avatar
      what voltage and ohms should i have coming out of pick up coil and to the ignition coil
    1. Jonesi19's Avatar
      Jonesi19 -
      i am trying to rewire a big red of mine and someone spliced all the wires so there bot very good anymore but what the main wire do i need to connect to get it running and moving before i make the hassle of restore all of them any good answeres would help and be much appreciated.
    1. Midnite_rider's Avatar
      Midnite_rider -
      Go search for the manuals. All of the needed information is there. The manual links are on the 3WW site, just search for them. They will be a great help, I know because I have used them for the same things you guys are doing.
    1. flowmasterman's Avatar
      flowmasterman -
      i got a entire wire harness for sale for 84 200es, pm me
    1. 3tracks>snow's Avatar
      3tracks>snow -
      thank you so much kind sir for posting this, i been all over looking for this damn print of my 200ES.
    1. 3tracks>snow's Avatar
      3tracks>snow -
      ok, so if anyone out there happens to have a capactor discharge ignition unit and a inhibiter relay. please let me know, i am in the market for one. if your 200ES happens to turn over off the start button, then in 5 min it wont, then you may have a bad inhibiter relay, its attached to the battery box. and if your 200ES turns over and over and over off the start button, but wont start. but you can start it off the pull cord just fine. then you have a bad capactor discharge ignition unit. just a heads up for all of you out there traceing wires like me. hope i helped you and have a good day.
    1. vancy06's Avatar
      vancy06 -
      Can any 1 tell me wat the dc convenience out let is,and what it dose ,it has a green and pink going to it
    1. rickrrup's Avatar
      rickrrup -
      big red electric start wont fire ?? whats the most common issues besides dead battery and kill switch off/...
    1. pjacques's Avatar
      pjacques -
      hi im new @ this. im in the hunt for a 1984 big red 200es stator. cant find one online no were. any ideas? PLEASE. she wont fire. runs good when she runs lol
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