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  • Kawasaki KLT160

    Wiring diagrams

    KLT160 A1 1985

    This section is currently incomplete. If you have other wiring diagrams for this model not currently listed here and would like to contribute, please use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page.
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    1. scallop face's Avatar
      scallop face -
      Thank You for the Post. I just Bought a klt 160 yesterday for 75 dollars, that had been in a barn for decades.....
    1. yellowoctupus's Avatar
      yellowoctupus -
      KLT200 Wiring Diagram

      Full size: http://circuitswiring.com/circuit-di...aki-klt200.jpg
    1. rustywheeler's Avatar
      rustywheeler -
      Anyone have wiring diagram for a 1984 klt250c I have no spark but engine cranks over and I have a multi meter to test all of the engine electrical. Thanks
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