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  • VIN and serial # decoding

    For Honda Decoding:


    This website at the link above will decode all Honda ATC frame serial #s, including pre 1980 ones that are a little tricky. These can be found on the steering neck portion of the frame, behind where the headlight is on all Hondas, and most other makes.

    For Other Makes:


    This site will decode all 1980+ frame serial/vin #s belonging to Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki machines.

    Both of these links above are compliments of the work of forum member rdlsz24 If you found these links useful, head over to his 3WW Profile and drop him a comment and let him know you appreciate it!
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    1. otonopaz's Avatar
      otonopaz -
      Quote Originally Posted by MonroeMike View Post
      1981 yt125
      I was given a 125 tri moto but previous owner had no info on it. I am trying to find model # so I can get a manual. I can only find the numbers 5v3-00391163 on the steering shaft. I know it was made between 1980 and 1985. any help is very very much appreciated. thanks
    1. MonroeMike's Avatar
      MonroeMike -
      Are you sure it isn't 5v6-00391163? (1982). There should be a matching number on the engine also.
    1. Joe125's Avatar
      Joe125 -
      Hello new to the forum. Found you guys while trying to find a 9 digit decoder. Yamaha tri moto 125, I think it is a 1983. Any help would be good, want to get it registered and riding the trails or desert soon.

      Vin# 21y 002 455

      21Y stands for YT125, right? That's as far as I got to finding some sense of decoding vin.

      I searched the heck out of google and this forum and couldn't figure out where or how to decode 9# vin.
    1. KennyH's Avatar
      KennyH -
      Another trike followed me home. Yamaha this time. Stickers are all gone, so I don't know what it is. Can you help?
      Numbers on the neck are 3X3-018756
      Hope to get it running soon!
    1. MonroeMike's Avatar
      MonroeMike -
      1980 YT125

      Service data
    1. KennyH's Avatar
      KennyH -
      Quote Originally Posted by MonroeMike View Post
    1. junbug1's Avatar
      junbug1 -
      I had just bought a Yamaha, we have no idea the year nor the model.. I have been able to locate 20E-012255 on the neck and cannot seem to find a VIN decoder as it is not a 17 digit. Can someone help me along with the place to buy a manual?? This we had just gotten, doesn't run and will be a great project once we get it underway.
    1. MonroeMike's Avatar
    1. jeepinainteasy8's Avatar
      jeepinainteasy8 -
      hey i just paid 100 bucks for a 3 wheeler and i dont know the year the vin 21v-016424, if someone could help me that would be great. thanks
    1. jeepinainteasy8's Avatar
      jeepinainteasy8 -
      hey i just paid 100 bucks for a 3 wheeler and i dont know the year the vin 21v-016424, if someone could help me that would be great. thanks
    1. MonroeMike's Avatar
    1. crewcab71's Avatar
      crewcab71 -
      I have a honda atc 70. I put the vin # in and it said not valid. VIN # tb03-2005582
    1. cheftart's Avatar
      cheftart -
      hello this is my first time on this site i just accuried a 1971 Suzuki ATC i have a vin for it but i cant look it up its a rare racing one i know nothing about it can anyone help?
    1. Kenny_smallz's Avatar
      Kenny_smallz -
      how can i look up the numbers on my 250r engine?
    1. pike005's Avatar
      pike005 -
      can somebody help me find out what my 3wheeler is the vin is 4u3-007255. thanks
    1. MonroeMike's Avatar
      MonroeMike -
      4u3-007255 = 1981 YT125
    1. oldiron1's Avatar
      oldiron1 -
      Hi, I was hoping for help decoding my Yamaha 225DX:29U-067688Thanks!
    1. MonroeMike's Avatar
    1. Shooter6's Avatar
      Shooter6 -
      Hi can u help me 21Y-070837
    1. DSHOT59's Avatar
      DSHOT59 -
      Any idea what a 21v-006787 would be ? Just picked one up and don`t know what it is it`s a 200 but other than that i`m not sure. Thanks for any info.
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