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  • VIN and serial # decoding

    For Honda Decoding:


    This website at the link above will decode all Honda ATC frame serial #s, including pre 1980 ones that are a little tricky. These can be found on the steering neck portion of the frame, behind where the headlight is on all Hondas, and most other makes.

    For Other Makes:


    This site will decode all 1980+ frame serial/vin #s belonging to Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki machines.

    Both of these links above are compliments of the work of forum member rdlsz24 If you found these links useful, head over to his 3WW Profile and drop him a comment and let him know you appreciate it!
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      Maxmil02 -
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    1. Bustos82's Avatar
      Bustos82 -
      awesome! works like a charm....
    1. NEWB123's Avatar
      NEWB123 -
      I have two vins i cannot find they are 29u-086151 and 24w-011901 please help
    1. NEWB123's Avatar
      NEWB123 -
      29u-086151, and 24w-011901 please help cant find
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    1. yamahatrimoto's Avatar
      yamahatrimoto -
      can someone tell me what year my tri moto 125 is the frame number is 5v6-003814 any help would be nice
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    1. DSHOT59's Avatar
      DSHOT59 -
      So if all the ytm 125`s start with 21y and you don`t have the plastics how do ya tell the year, seems like a low number so an early year ? it`s 21y 034475 any ideas thanks.
    1. bockmant's Avatar
      bockmant -
      Hey can anyone tell me what I have... The vin# is 5v7-007937.
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    1. franks250r's Avatar
      franks250r -
      I have a yamaha atc with just numbers on the neck. 21v006834. Not sure what year this trike is and I need a carb intake boot. Any help will be greatly. Appreciated. Thanx
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    1. camotrike's Avatar
      camotrike -
      Quote Originally Posted by MonroeMike View Post
      1981 YT125

      Some info here.21v-026273 yamaha (numbers are rusted think these are the numbers)
      hellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllp
    1. Handy Andy's Avatar
      Handy Andy -
      The frame and engine on my atc do not match. Frame is a '74 90, and has a 110 engine # is TB02E2326674. Would like to know what year the engine is before ordering parts. Thanks.
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      Handy Andy -
      Thanks for the link, Mike! I have an 82 110 engine!
    1. Luggs17's Avatar
      Luggs17 -
      I need help. I have a tir moto 125 vin # 3v6-005369. I need to no wat year thiz iz...n ne info bout it...thx..
    1. tundratrees's Avatar
      tundratrees -
      Quote Originally Posted by rdlsz24 View Post
      If you find a bug or if you think it decoded your VIN wrong send me a PM so I can check it out
      Well I might have one for you
      I acquired a I think 1983 big red 250? electric start and low range. All sites say 1983 unknown. This is the triplechecked frame VIN # [JHSTB061 (OR I)XDC323150] . The number and the machine are in pretty good shape other than rotten tires. been sitting for about 15 years. soaked with seafoam fresh gas and three pulls. Start circuit dead and sprocket looks like a saw blade. would appreciate any help to resurect this guy from the dead
    1. Jamey's Avatar
      Jamey -
      Having trouble getting it to work. My vin # 5V7-005567 This is a Yamaha 175
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