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  • VIN and serial # decoding

    For Honda Decoding:


    This website at the link above will decode all Honda ATC frame serial #s, including pre 1980 ones that are a little tricky. These can be found on the steering neck portion of the frame, behind where the headlight is on all Hondas, and most other makes.

    For Other Makes:


    This site will decode all 1980+ frame serial/vin #s belonging to Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki machines.

    Both of these links above are compliments of the work of forum member rdlsz24 If you found these links useful, head over to his 3WW Profile and drop him a comment and let him know you appreciate it!
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    1. shortline10's Avatar
      shortline10 -
      Post a picture , shouldn’t be to hard to figure out what you have .
    1. Binski41's Avatar
      Binski41 -
      New to the group. Thanks for accepting me! I have a ATC 70 and cannot find any info on the serial #TB08-2000188. Is there anyone that can shed some light on this? Thanks in advance.
    1. Bundingo's Avatar
      Bundingo -
      Hi can anyone help me find out wat year my Honda ATC 70 is please . Any parts for sale I live in England
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