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  • '88 ATC250ES Big Red?

    If the 1987 ATC models were not rare enough, here is a REAL mind freak for you! We originally learned about the existence of the 1988 model Big Reds back in 2004 from a UK forum member, Jez when he sent me this thumbnail of a brochure (I do not have a full size, sorry. If anyone out there does, PLEASE contact me). For a short period of time, we treated the '88 Big Red about as we do the 1987 350X and 250r. Unlike those models however, our skepticism was quickly erased with hard evidence of their existence.

    A post on the 3WHeeLeR WoRLD message forum by a UK member was the first proof that these machines did in fact exist. And of course, it happened by almost pure chance as you will learn when you checkout the thread and read the details of how he came about seeing the machine and being able to notice it was in fact a 1988 model.

    Checkout the interesting tank decal on the 88 model too! Sort of almost a throw back to the 1982 Big Red 200E. Definitely different than any other model year for graphics. Design, and physically, it seems to be exactly the same from what we can tell.

    And then, not almost a month later, to the day, another forum member atcmatt posted about an '88 model he had found in Australia! The Model/Year decal looks to be exactly the same design as the first one. No doubt it is genuine Honda and not some knock off. Notice it has the same decal on the tank as the one that is pictured above from the UK. As of yet, none of these machines have been found outside of Europe or Australia. It is possible there were Canadian models as they were not subject to the Consent Decree either and were another very large market for machines, but we have not seen any reports of them found there for now.

    I broached this subject of the 1988 Big Red's with former writer of "3Wheeling" Magazine Dean Kirsten a while back and here is what he had to say:

    Strange.... I can only assume that ATC sales were large enough outside of the U.S., that Honda continued on with the Big Red Model.... I know at a time, the "Red" was the largest selling 3-wheeler they had, which out sold the ATC 200X and 200S models. We tend to forget Honda is a worldwide corporation, and not only for the Glamis sand dunes... The only part about riding the 200ES I didn't like, was loading one in the back of a pickup. ugh.
    What Dean says, would lead me to believe that there is a chance these machines are in Canada as well, but only time will tell if one will actually turn up or not!

    These additional pictures of another '88 model 250ES are from a 2nd one that was found in the UK. Last I had heard it was in the process of being restored, but I have not heard anything of it in a few years. Is the member that sent these to me still out there somewhere? Give us an update, let us know!

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    1. ZACHNJOENJAKE's Avatar
      New too, just trying log ehough time to post!
    1. sweet200x's Avatar
      sweet200x -
      I once saw one but it was my brothers friends bike but it was an 87.
    1. tri again's Avatar
      tri again -

      Not sure if anyone responded but I'd get some sort of documentation that you CAN keep it.
      I've heard that getting them INto Canada has some funny restrictions and hope those guys respond.

      Around here older woodstoves are illegal but ok for restorations.

      I bet the sheriff wants it or his cousin in law at the impound yard.

      Quote Originally Posted by Vicki View Post
      We have an 87 Big Red. The kids LOVE it. Of course, we were told by a sheriff deputy today that it is illegal in Ohio and they could confiscate it??? Anyone know if there is truth that? It's an amazing bike and the whole family has a blast with it! I'd hate to have to lose it or give it up???
    1. LucasGrys's Avatar
      LucasGrys -
      that sweet i got 3 200es and one 250 es
    1. trakick91's Avatar
      trakick91 -
      i just got a 1985 250es. i had to buy a new carb cause it was missing it. i got it and put it on and hooked it up. and i kick it over and it gets spark and fuel but wont bust off. can anyone help me out.
    1. Brandon Olivier's Avatar
      Brandon Olivier -
      I wish I could put my hands on a 88 trike. This would add some valve to my collection.

      Also on the confiscating of the 87 because the three wheelers are illegal, that is some BS. I would agree with "Tri-again" that the Sheriff would like to have it for themselves....
    1. jeswinehart's Avatar
    1. staffmaster's Avatar
      staffmaster -
      hi peeps !!! im looking for the guy who makes the side covers for a 85 big red " plastic" i think his name is jhon ?
    1. jeswinehart's Avatar
      jeswinehart -
      He only makes the right side cover,,,
    1. atcmatt's Avatar
      atcmatt -
      I have found another 1988 250es here downunder, bit steep on price but looks reasonably worthy of a restoration.

    1. Robeaston82's Avatar
      Robeaston82 -
      Hi all, new to the forum as just aquired a 250es off a farm and turns out it's an 88.
    1. newfie atc's Avatar
      newfie atc -
      Quote Originally Posted by Robeaston82 View Post
      Hi all, new to the forum as just aquired a 250es off a farm and turns out it's an 88.
      and to the site.
    1. polabareus's Avatar
      polabareus -
      88 Big Red in Canada?

    1. FBF's Avatar
      FBF -
      there have been two '88 big reds on ebay in the uk in the last two months. they were both 1987 machines (manufactured 1/87 and 10/87 but have the 88 decal). none with the original grey seat though. the first was tidy, perhaps needing a little attention and frame painting, that sold for 1660 which is probably $2200 for you 'mericans. the second one is on there as we speak and im bidding. you never know. will return with pics for you all
    1. FBF's Avatar
      FBF -
      im sure you trike geeks will love these.

    1. Queef Chief's Avatar
      Queef Chief -

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    1. FBF's Avatar
      FBF -
      i have since traced and purchased another equally rare model ATC, this is an 86 atc200.
      Is UK ROAD LEGAL, This is available for sale, can help with shipping, 1900 FIRM

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    1. ATC King's Avatar
      ATC King -
      Quote Originally Posted by qazqaz View Post
      My buddy traded a 1987 250r for a bulldog. worst trade ever
      Did the 250R die?
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