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  • OTC Race Series Round #2 - Summit Indoor

    February 27, 2010 - Summit Fairgrounds, Talmadge, Ohio http://www.mapquest.com/maps?city=Ta...eocode=ADDRESS

    Once again, the OTC was in full force for some "Ohio Style" 3 Wheeler Motocross racing. This time they exceeded expectations with 19 trike racers geared up and ready to race.

    The foul weather did little to keep racers from attending this event with yet another blistery winter storm dumping multiple inches of snow on Thursday night thru Saturday early morning. The storm was said to be 800 miles wide and spread from the East Coast all the way to Michigan and as far South as Maryland. Nonetheless, we had OTC trike racers from Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio and Ontario Canada and even trike spectators from as far as Illinois!

    With so many racers and such a small gate the heat races were broken up into (2) A Class heats and (2) B Class Heats. This put 6 racers in A-1 and 5 racers in A-2.

    The A-1 heat race was a great race to watch. The hole shot was fast and furious with Eric Jensen #77 on a Team TPC 450 taking the lead. Closely followed by Derrick Adams on a Jason Hall 250r based 330cc Big Bore. A tight battle for third was fought between the #19 of Josh Ball and #84 Louis Mielke. By the end of the 1st lap Josh Ball had firmed up 3rd place as Brian Chilenski on his #117 2nd Generation Tecate followed the Orange Crush CR500 trike for 5th place.

    In the second lap no place changes took place, however Josh Ball on his #19 "Nana" bike had closed the gap between him and Derrick Adams. The remaining laps were run in the sequence listed above and no order changes took place. It should be known that passing on this track is extremely difficult, and with the new track layout they had for this round of racing it was tighter, and more technical than ever.

    Both A Class heats can be seen here thanks to Bob Fake's (FastZ28) wife Jenifer and her skillful eye and steady handed camera work.

    The A-2 heat race was just as exciting as the A-1 race. The holeshot was tight as usual. First out of turn one was Tim Keister on his #75 450 conversion, followed closely by #34 Scott "Stickers" Wickersham on his 350X. There was some real tight racing between Stickers and the Stefanko crew for lap 1. Tim Stefanko Jr #85 on his ATC250R and Tim Stefanko Sr on his Tri-Z ran in 3rd and 4th respectively and Jake "the Snake" Keister tailgating the pack on his #37 Casper ATC250R. Just then in the back section of doubles, Stickers rear fenders had become unhooked and he had to slow up to discard them off the track. this gave The Snake a golden opportunity to advance into 4th place putting Stickers in the back of the pack and riding fender-less!

    As #75 Tim Keister checked out in the #1 position some very tight racing was going on back in 3rd and 4th place with Jake "the Snake" putting a front wheel all over Tim Stefanko Sr on every turn and straight away. Just then the first turn in lap 4, #85 Tim Jr stalled out on the hairpin 90 degree turn putting #90 Stefanko Sr in 2nd place with #37 Jake the Snake still fighting for his position in 3rd.

    The next change of events was the same turn Stefanko Jr had just stalled out on the previous lap, The #37 Snake had a problem and stalled out his machine. This put Stefanko Jr back into 3rd place and Jake into 4th place. #34 Wickersham had to drop out early due to no seat or fenders.

    The B-1 Heat was a great race right from the get go! Kyle Kiser on the #U81 ATC350X took the holeshot with Levi Blue #13 on an ATC250R in second and Bob "FastZ28" Fake on the #73 right there in a very close third. Justin #44 from New Jersey ad some "Technical Difficulties" at the gate - but quickly sprung back into action. Lap 2 began with FastZ28 making an inside pass on Levi blue to take over the second position while Kiser still lead the pack. The 4 determined riders all charged hard but all remained in those positions for the entire race. It was some really great racing and very fun to watch. FastZ28 charged very hard at the torquey 4 stroke and almost had a pass numerous times but the 350X pilot Kiser would not let go of the #1 spot.

    Both B Class heats can be seen here thanks to Bob Fake's (FastZ28) wife Jenifer and her skillful eye and steady handed camera work. Thanks again Jenifer!

    B-2 Heat class was as much excitement as B-1. As the gate dropped the 4 determined riders charged hard at the bank turn at the back of turn one staring them dead in the face. Coming out of turn #1 first was Bill Keister on a #88 ATC250R - then Side Wayz on the #17 ATC250R - followed by XXX on an Auto-X and bringing up the tail was last but certainly not least - an atc70 with a hi-performance 160cc motor in it. Keister #88 kept the inside line for lap one as #17 Side Wayz gave him a run for his money down the long straight away maintaining his outside line. Side Wayz #17 got a little hot out of the big Triple section and took a violent spill. Thankfully he recovered and did finish the race - this put the Auto-X in 2nd place and the fast little 70 critter in took over 3rd. Shortly after the crash the little 70 actually took over for second place for a lap and a half until it ran into a problem in turn #1 of the final lap putting the Auto-X back into 2nd place while Keister maintained his position out in front.

    For the main event - the pressure was on - with 10 racers at the gate - it was 2 rows deep. Coming out of turn 1 was Team TPC rider, Eric Jensen #77 in the lead with a seasoned Derrick Adams hot on his heels. Louis Mielke quickly took second place on his ATC500R conversion. "Team Orange - Plan B Racing" rider Mielke #84 made up some ground on Jensen in the first and second lap. Scott Wickersham on his 350X held onto 3rd and "Canadian Sensation" Team Beatner rider Josh "Kintore" Ball #19 was really making up time in Lap 2. As Kintore threw his chain off, Team Beatner rider "ATC-Tim" Keister took over the #4 spot in lap 2 and was followed by Derrick Adams and Tim Stefanko Sr #90 on his Tri-Z. About that time Tim Stefanko Jr #85 made a pass on his "old man", Stefanko Sr, as Jake "the Snake" Keister and "Flyin' Brian" Chelinski tailed up the pack.
    Lou Mielke staleld the big 500 advancing Wickersham and T. Keister into respective 2nd and 3rd place. the only other place change was Derrick Adams overtaking "ATC-Tim" at the very last inch of the race for a 3rd place finish.

    The action packed video can be seen here:

    The final results for A Class are as follows:
    1 - Eric Jensen - TPC 450
    2 - Scott Wickersham - HON 350X
    3 - Derrick "Hollywood" Adams - HON 330R
    4 - "ATC-Tim" Keister - HON 450 Conv
    5 - Tim "Junior" Stefanko - HON 250R
    6 - Tim "Senior" Stefanko - YAM 250Z
    7 - Jake "the Snake" Keister - HON 250R
    8 - "Flyin" Brian Chilenski - KAW 250
    9 - Louis "Milkman" Mielke - HON 500R
    DNF - Josh "Kintore" Ball - HON 250R
    DNF - "Fast" Freddie Morrell - HON 250R

    B Class final was almost as packed as "A" with an 8 rider wide gate. Kyle Kiser took the holeshot on his 350X with Bob "FastZ28" in a very tight second place. "Levi Blue" Johnson kept his spot while battling off Justin Putman for 3rd place position. 4th was a confident looking "Nick Wallace" with Bill "Willy Peepers" Keister holding 5th. the majority of the race these Tri-Warriors held their positions with clean lines and flawless cornering. One fan favorite of this race was "Flyin" Brian Chilenski riding for Carl Wickersham on the little 140CC powered 70 - and fighting his way at the back of the pack with Jason Bockmuller.

    This awesome video can be seen here:

    The final results for B Class are as follows:
    1 - Kyle Kiser
    2 - Bob Fake
    3 - Levi Johnson
    4 - Juston Putman
    5 - Nick Wallace
    6 - Bill Keister
    7 - Jason Bockmuller
    8 - Brian Chilenski

    A special thanks to the event staff and promoters at Summit Indoor Race Series. Without them this could not take place.

    Hope to see you all at the next race!
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    1. Kintore's Avatar
      Kintore -
      Dude that is AWESOME! too bad my chain went and snapped!

      Awesome writeup!

      Just to mention, a lil plug here.

      Next race is at Malvern Raceway on April 17th. Check the racers forum for more info and details.
    1. poppanitrous's Avatar
      poppanitrous -
      Quote Originally Posted by Kintore View Post
      Dude that is AWESOME! too bad my chain went and snapped!

      Awesome writeup!

      Just to mention, a lil plug here.

      Next race is at Malvern Raceway on April 17th. Check the racers forum for more info and details.
      is there a magazine that follows ATC races or videos that someone sells of this series?
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