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  • Consent Decree: Unraveling the myths, the lies, and mayhem that was 1987.

    The ATV Consent Decree was signed by the commissioners of the Consumer Product Safety Commission in 1987. This act was the death blow to large scale manufacturing of three-wheeled ATVs like there had been since Honda's introduction of the US90 in 1970 and has (thus far) prevented it from ever starting back up again.

    Stick with us in this section for the following days and weeks as we further explore and attempt to set the record straight on what REALLY happened and how the events transpired. For too many years, the three-wheeling community has nearly completely ignored this part of history. Its known to be a very passionate subject, but getting articulate factual information has been difficult. We aim to change that, and arm the common three-wheeler owner with a nuclear arsenal of answers against the often asked question "Aren't those things illegal?"

    There is intention to publish many CPSC press releases and documents, civil court case outcomes, as well as develop biographies of influential people during this time period. In the future you will find in this section:

    • Overview's of the CPSC's hearings they held on public opinion regarding three-wheeled ATV Safety.
    • Overview's of documents that the CPSC used in calculating their decisions.
    • Overview's of civil court case outcomes against the major manufacturer's that were influential
    • How to combat and answer the ubiquitous questions and criticisms enthusiasts receive
    • Opinion pieces written by contributing members stating their point of view in rebuttal to the CPSC we will be documenting
    • Collaboration with TrailerRider's injury reports that were/are the CPSC basis for legislation and action, for you to form your own opinions.

    We are seeking contributors and volunteers for this project. Any well written and motivated individuals interested in working with us on this task is encouraged to drop me a line. This is a very large under-taking and help will be appreciated. Thank you!
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    1. code200k's Avatar
      code200k -
      will be in contact with you
    1. MorganHonda200!'s Avatar
      MorganHonda200! -
      The 3 wheeler ban I think was a over reaaction to the death toll. Anything is dangous if you don't know what your doing. If you don't know how to operate a machine properly or don't know the risks should you really be using it. Yet they produce 3 wheelers for the street use and ban off road 3 wheelers. If you don't think the reward is great enough for the risk, I ask why you ride. Every rose has it thorns, so you think that motorcycles and atv's are the "safe" alternative, Then why do they manufacter street legal 3 wheelers. Side by sides had a problem of overturning/rolling and they did not ban them they simply put a little sticker on the dash that explain the risk of rolling and proceders to avoid it happening. Why should three wheelers be any different?
    1. Deathrocket's Avatar
      Deathrocket -
      I found the video's on you tube. here were the main problems as I saw. 1st the manufacturers stated ONE person only on these things. but the money hungry don't give a S##T dealers were telling prospective buyers anything to make the sale. 2ndly the no suspension base models were in fact dangerous as hell. watched the video of that too.. the rider hits a series of bumps. the first or so bump puts the front wheel in the air of the suspension less piece of crap. the next one gets the back wheels up in the air. on the landing the front wheel careens into a 3rd bump causing the trike to endo with the rider underneath. the back end comes crashing right on the riders neck. I believe most of the accidents that caused harm were because of riding double on a trike. but because of the united states non belief of natural selection and and the need to protect people who can't protect them selves the ban. its just like the people who are suing Yamaha because they rolled their rhino. common sense just isn't as common as you would think.
    1. atctim's Avatar
      atctim -
      If you watch the video closely when the guy asks the dealer - "can both of them ride on it at once" - he actually says - the manufacturer says NO -

      It is media bias at it's best.
    1. D-dub's Avatar
      D-dub -
      stuff any machine off a jump that badly your going to pitch the ass end up and over
    1. TeamGreenOmaha1's Avatar
      TeamGreenOmaha1 -
      I would be willing to bet cycles have a greater death toll then 3w's. Then we should look at automobile death tolls....they have a motor.ok so you say but you need a license. Ok un ban trikes make evryone take a course to ride atvs. Bam. Government gets more revenue.on state and fed levels. Its sad. Ive done some pretty stupid things on 2,3,4,.... wheels,but it should be my choice how many wheels i want to wipe out on!!!3WW
    1. philgipson's Avatar
      philgipson -
      when my friends say arn't those things dangerous,i always reply"hell females are dangerous but there still fun"
    1. riverrat's Avatar
      riverrat -
      Where are we going with this? Are we actually going to do something about it? It would be so nice to finally clear the air on it, so that insurance companies, riding camps, and the general public can drop this false image of 3 wheelers.

      I think the biggest factor in fighting this is to prove that 3 wheelers are no more dangerous than many of the things we do in life, and that it is not the machine. I think if you were to compare 3 wheeling to other dangerous activities that are perfectly legal, like skiing, high school football, crossing the street, driving in a car, hang gliding, base jumping (1 in 6 die), swimming, water skiing, street luging, heli skiing, big wave surfing, bull riding, cheer leading, motorcycle racing, high altitude climbing, cave diving. I am sure there are others with similar fatality rate.

      If you were to review the list, and eliminate all the accidents that were truly driver error, maybe 3 wheeling would be considered safe?

      I also want to know, at what point, what percentage of injury, does the government then have a right to say we can't do it. When does the government ever have the right to protect us from ourselves? I find the whole thing completely un-American, and goes against the Declaration of Independence.

      I would be willing to help in this.
    1. Billy Golightly's Avatar
      Billy Golightly -
      I'd love to have some volunteers help thumb through this. I read some of the recordings line per line (some several hundred pages long) and took notes, and posted a few articles here in reference to those, but I just don't have the time myself to dedicate it anymore.
    1. riverrat's Avatar
      riverrat -
      Well where are we heading with this? I would help.
    1. Billy Golightly's Avatar
      Billy Golightly -
      Basically my intent was to go through all the transcripts and provide abbreviated versions, discuss what some of the things that went on at these meetings really meant, and basically break open and show what a bunch of crap it actually was as far as governmental body making the decision they did based on what amounts to worthless evidence.
    1. riverrat's Avatar
      riverrat -
      Ok, I kind of figured that. We could make a data base and label everything based on cause of the accident. But once we do that, and probably prove what a bunch of crap it was, then what? Can we go to court with it, and make sure 3 wheelers are never banned? How would it benefit us? Word would have to get out to everyone, and it would take a lot to reverse what the public thinks of 3 wheelers. One thing that I could see benefiting us would be lower insurance rates, and possibly riding places that currently don't allow three wheelers, start allowing them. Even possibly the AMA. But how do we make that happen? Do we take the US government to court?
    1. Billy Golightly's Avatar
      Billy Golightly -
      I think suing the Feds is probably a stretch. I don't even have access to the actual specific injury reports. TrailerRider was doing that: http://www.3wheelerworld.com/content...cident-Reports I've got copies of transcripts of hearings and stuff that the CPSC used as their basis for their decision to force the manufacturers into the agreement that stopped making them. I think our best bet is to abbreviate and break down what a lot of that stuff means (and provide access tothe original copies so people can read it themselves if they'd like). And then just get the word out and let people make their own decisions. It might eventually sink down to the race promoters and maybe insurance companies. I would't hold my breath on the insurance companies though.
    1. KC Rider's Avatar
      KC Rider -
      If you'd like some help making a summary, I'm happy to help.
    1. riverrat's Avatar
      riverrat -
      I could help in spurts when time allows, only because it is important to me. Nothing actually pisses me off more than what they did, and it represents many things that the government does. To clear the air on this, no matter how long it took, would be great.
    1. sweetip2000's Avatar
      sweetip2000 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Billy Golightly View Post
      Basically my intent was to go through all the transcripts and provide abbreviated versions, discuss what some of the things that went on at these meetings really meant, and basically break open and show what a bunch of crap it actually was as far as governmental body making the decision they did based on what amounts to worthless evidence.
      Its the lawyers that screwed up the sport. They took advantage of peoples injuries. My question is ..... is there not a statute of limitations on how long this law can be considered a law ?

      They don't manufacture ATC anymore so how can they be banned 27 years later ? How can you ban something that is not manufactured ?

      All it takes is a few good lawyers. If they know they can win the case they will take it on. Just my 2 ,,,,,, oh well wtf I have seen worse accidents on quads than ATC. Ya cant throw a quad off you when your goin' down.
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