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  • Mike Coe's personal photo collection. Part One!

    Mike Coe has been kind enough to share with us some pictures out of his personal photo collection. This is part one in a series to come Some of the locations of these pictures are: Speedway 117, San Felipe 250, the Houston Supercross, Parker 400, and a few others. A nice collection of oldschool desert racing, some short track/course action, and some supercross & motocross for good measure! Lots of trick parts on the machines in the pictures, and definitely a sweet collection of vintage photos from great racer's collection!

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    1. Xowner's Avatar
      Xowner -
      Nice mike! Cant wait for the Pie Platers to get ahold of this, they will eat it up!
    1. yooperman's Avatar
      yooperman -
      All I'm going to say is AWSOME!!! Great collection the best part is he got to experiance it first hand.
    1. Bryan Raffa's Avatar
      Bryan Raffa -
      Great Stuff!!!! thanks Mike for shareing with US!!!!
    1. phantomtracer's Avatar
      phantomtracer -
      Great! I remember a lot of these photos from the magazines.
    1. shawnroy1971's Avatar
      shawnroy1971 -
      Wow,thank's for sharing those memories Mike...
    1. aldochina's Avatar
      aldochina -
      looks like your about to lose a wheel in the one pic!! cool photos!
    1. atc007's Avatar
      atc007 -
      Good stuff indeed. I have EVERY piece of media from that era! Probably every picture and article here.
    1. eldamo's Avatar
      eldamo -
      Fantastic. More please.
    1. symbolic3whlr's Avatar
      symbolic3whlr -
      That is Awesome, didn't mike also race a 480 or 500 sometimes?
    1. explorer's Avatar
      explorer -
      thanks Mike for sharing those classic photos
    1. ringdingrider's Avatar
      ringdingrider -
      awesome pics
    1. edog's Avatar
      edog -
      VERY NICE, thanks for sharing!
    1. JumpinJR66's Avatar
      JumpinJR66 -
      Thanks for posting. I also recall many of the photos in the mags I got as a kid.
    1. QuickSand's Avatar
      QuickSand -
      What a blast from the past, thanks for sharing the awesome archives!
    1. onformula1's Avatar
      onformula1 -
      Awesome Thank You for sharing!
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