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  • Imperial Invasion 2011 is coming soon!!

    The now annual group ride and get together at the Gordon's Well portion of the Imperial Sand Dunes (Better known to some people as GLAMIS) is coming up soon! March 2nd through the 5th there will be a variety of 3WW members there including quite an array of eastcoaster's (myself included) that will be flying out. This is a pretty spectacular ride and should be an awesome time. I had such a great time last year, I am really looking forward to it. We've got tons of discussion and hype up for the event in these threads here and here also. If your a local to the area, please consider coming out and riding with some other three-wheeler enthusiasts from all over the country (And word has it there are some Candians flying in too, eh?!). I promise it'll be a good time.

    If you'd like a review of last year, checkout this article I wrote upon my return from riding at the Imperial Sand Dunes for the first time ever.

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    1. KASEY's Avatar
      KASEY -
      what he said!!! going to be a fantastic time , make it a point to be there!!
    1. Bryan Raffa's Avatar
      Bryan Raffa -
      I seriously cannot wait to Rip up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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