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  • VIDEO - Imperial Invasion 2011: Chapter One

    Hope you all enjoy it. It took a LONG ass time to make this.

    I strongly encourage you to set the video to 720p if your computer can handle high definition. Go full screen and turn the sound up.

    More to come but you'll have to wait.
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    1. Afrothunderkat's Avatar
      Afrothunderkat -
      awesome awesome awesome awesome!
    1. HopeandScott's Avatar
      HopeandScott -
      Great video:
    1. BTC_ATC's Avatar
      BTC_ATC -
      good work , nice vid.
    1. 3boyswinter's Avatar
      3boyswinter -
      Fantastic, Great Vid!
    1. Bretmd94's Avatar
      Bretmd94 -
      Pretty impressive video production
    1. sp8twn's Avatar
      sp8twn -
      Great video:
    1. Bryan Raffa's Avatar
      Bryan Raffa -
      one of fave's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for shure!
    1. mirthgrinder's Avatar
      mirthgrinder -
      Whenever I am working on my Trikes in the garage, I take out my Laptop and an add on sound system and play THIS on a Loop! Great Job and Cannot wait for more! MG
    1. Motorious's Avatar
      Motorious -
      Holy Crap you got some mad video production skillz! 7 minutes of pure adrenaline pumping awesomeness. Keep 'em coming dude!
    1. HONDA_ATC_FREAK's Avatar
      the hd is awesome great vid
    1. fugget1's Avatar
      fugget1 -
      That was a seriously awesomely done vidoe man!!!! I love the flaming "Git it Ragg!!!" What a tribute, I wish I could have been on here to get to know the guy! Keep up the excellent work man!
    1. big specht's Avatar
      big specht -
      Damn you do good work BIG thumbs up
    1. Swinger's Avatar
      Swinger -
      Man, I dont even know how many times I have watch this but it never gets old. WE WANT MORE!!!!!!!
    1. Dammit!'s Avatar
      Dammit! -
      If you haven't looked yet, go to my youtube channel and look through my old vids. I have a ton of 3 wheeler stuff in there. It will be a while before Chapter two is ready and the other chapters will be simpler edits than this one.
    1. Matrix's Avatar
      Matrix -
      what or who is "git it ragg"?
    1. Dammit!'s Avatar
      Dammit! -
      Git it Ragg is something a member here used to say all the time. He passed away not long ago. Do a search on the forum and you'll get an idea of how to use it.
    1. Rider615's Avatar
      Rider615 -
      Excellant,excellant. The video Force obviously is strong with you.
    1. andersonee4's Avatar
      andersonee4 -
      U make dvd. we all buy it.
    1. 350xxxxxx's Avatar
      350xxxxxx -
      wow....star wars and atc's....perfection.
    1. joesouth's Avatar
      joesouth -
      Nice video.
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